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The Frail Seasons


but you are exquisite!



are the rich sweet of jasmine flowers

scenting my spring morning

the unrestrained warmth

infusing a parched midsummer noon

the faded golden of autumnal dusk

reflected in

soft gasp swoon




your heart belongs to winter

and to her

you shall be wed

with shards of iced desire

adorning your nuptial bed


Mistress Ice

She appeared to me first on a crisp winter’s eve

black veil, lace frayed and scented of forest pine

barefoot and wild eyed

distracted by amber dusk hue we both


Yet there was mischief in her step

I did not feel her fingernails grip my arm

I did not feel myself slipping


I saw her narrowing eyes squint from where I lay

“how easily you succumbed, I only meant to play”

Smashed skull, hair matted damp

I lay alone by the frosted street lamp