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Cacophony undone

to examine the acoustics of silence

consider the space between heartbeats

devoid of decibels

my fingertips a stethoscope

your steady vibration, my cue

perhaps now hold your breath

your sanguine streams may calm

i’ll seek a shudder, then pause

savouring stillness, for love

be our cause

those moments mute between whispers

will deafen as crisp delight

as eyelids fall in deft quietude

under tranquil glow of our first night

even the alley dogs

ever alert under window ajar

will be lulled by

a stagnant blue moonlit sky

for between the hushed evening breeze

exist the piercing silences

of you

of I

Inspired, with gratitude, by the phrase “acoustics of silence”as penned by Christine at

Poet’s Love Song


don’ t read between my lines


walk them like a tightrope


core tight, against soul

with suede slipper slide

and toe beyond heel before toe

inching toward my true


you are not dizzy

though the air thins

and a spotlight weaves to disorient

causing precarious sway


now look up

my eyes shall meet yours in silent trust

and come here

without hesitation

you must

As the Sun Falls

Shall we stay on the path

wide and safe

no brambles scraping ankles

nor angly stones

with tripping intention?



take my hand

a twisted way of thorny bush

and bruise

and at times

you may think me lost

despite my confident step


But this is the way

to the cliff face

to the ledge where few come

where we may watch waves

shoulder to shoulder

arm in arm

be dazzled by turquoise shards of ocean bounced light

as the sun falls

we shall (blissfully) too