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we cling to the underside of the earth

in shadows, eternally fixed

as the world turns

one final time


the stifled prophets were right

and I grasp your fingers

to enter the longest night


the moon has been cast off

tumbled to a galaxy unknown

Tsukuyomi at last free to dance

unshackled from his lunar throne


the glass sea a stagnant pool

settling with miasmic cool

ripples that once were

shall frothy detritus incur


we cling to the underside of the world

pupils permanently dilate

ice crystals kissing


pallid, primal


Kronos speaks

I will grant you a wish

but you cannot have it all

the beauteous blooms of springtime

always wither, die and fall


the sunsets seem aplenty

yet for every one, one less

an eternal share of beauty?

no, finite at time’s behest


your childhood summers

seemingly endless at the time

but I counted them like grains of sand

all gone

so says my rhyme


so the wish?

well then…

your choice is none

for tempestuous clouds

shall steal your sun


vain, lowly mortal

hear me when I say

’tis only love that lingers

beyond the end of your day



Kronos is the Greek God of TIme. Not a real family guy, he castrated his father and devoured his children.



One cannot force the hand of fate

You are a child at the playground’s locked gate

She is the Italian train, forever late

Or the distracted friend on a coffee date

“sorry there in ten”

Sit tight and wait


One cannot slow the hands of time

Her heavy fruit falls from the vine

Another birthday, spill some wine

A final, exquisite aria line

audience encore

how sublime!