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The Prisoner

If this is the last sky I see

tell the clouds to taunt me not

and bring you here to me
If only as an apparition rare

cascading locks, sweet fragrant hair

our fingertips shall meet mid air

a final twirl

some whispered prayer

a serenade of stale despair
I’m roused from this tragic play

a key fumbles in the lock

you fade away
These prison bars will only hold

my remnant dreams or memory bold

for when the noose is snapping


my soul shall soar

with ne’er a thought

A Cloud Canvas

Would you let me paint the clouds for you?

long, languid strokes

lavishly spread

over fading azurite blue

with cosmic brush dipped to ferrule

heavy with heaven

dabbing ashen shadow

betwixt amber wisps

and tranquil towering iced tufts


a masterpiece bestowed

for my melancholy muse

heart unknown

Consider the Sky

I have the great fortune of living in the sky, many floors high. Gazing West.

Every evening I observe an ever changing, dynamic interplay of currents that toss and tickle the layers of clouds. Celestial exhalations like God’s soft breath create unique patterns. Another beautiful sky tonight. Be mindful of nature’s exquisite elements. 

Consider the sky.