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how have I ever been able to call anywhere else home

when home is here

enveloped in your tantalizing valleys

your fertile undulations

invite lush thought

empty years

traversing empty

to find you in suffocating winter

dormant, cracks permeating ice crusted lakes

branches bare, devoid of bud

patience now my sweet

as ever close, our time to meet

then to part these mists that choke

and sweet spring

our love invoke


this match was not easy to light

through this stinging

rain shivered night

yet it combusts mighty from biting spark

step closer

so it may singe it’s mark

on your wayward heart


this fire is not easy to tend

weak arms on dusted bellows bend

sweet murmurs by the hearth portend

wisps of ashen promise, then spill

smouldering embers to

fireside stone


feel my warm …




Image courtesy of S.Garg, Written Frames.

The Call

when the dusk daisies draw droplet dew

a breathless whisper

shall come to you

a gust of wind

carries the scented call

an enticing murmur

of forbidden enthral


settle your eyes

afire to the West

as I to the East

send your ravenous sunset

to fulfill my morning feast

let not the ocean whole

cool this languid burning

a bridge for souls now made

shall attend our silent yearning …


come lay by me

withered grass bed at our backs

blue sky under our feet

grab me, when I say I’m falling ….

and we’ll laugh like children

for I meant “for you”

and you thought

“into the blue”


on this late August eve

while the  lazy bumble bees hover nearby

we listen to the frolic of breezes

playing leaf rustle games,

and feast on the plump blackberries

staining lips and fingertips



I am heavy with the season

heat, and longing



before you

skin undulates

peaks and troughs

rise and fall


your light explorer’s touch


a feathered frolic of fingertips

lingers by lace seam

a candle

hold it closer for blissful scrutiny



punctuated with sudden gasp





the flame to see by

invites flames to dream by

As the Sun Falls

Shall we stay on the path

wide and safe

no brambles scraping ankles

nor angly stones

with tripping intention?



take my hand

a twisted way of thorny bush

and bruise

and at times

you may think me lost

despite my confident step


But this is the way

to the cliff face

to the ledge where few come

where we may watch waves

shoulder to shoulder

arm in arm

be dazzled by turquoise shards of ocean bounced light

as the sun falls

we shall (blissfully) too