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The City

Watch the swallows by the window

As they dive dance, spin and sway

Buoyant on warm dawn breezes

heralding the new day


Hear the hum of the city waking

Catch a breath of forest air

Know the chaos that is waiting

Carry stillness with you there

Ocean True

Strewn saffron strands paint the sky

as morning birds float gently by

The waves creep onto my shore

leeching a salted residue

like sweat evaporated on skin

low tide reveals my within

Shallow rock pools

brimming with shine

medusa sea grasses

suspended in brine

and starfish curl and sway

whisper good morning, good day


Ocean renew me in cyclic refrain

infuse me with currents

from warmed summer rain

as my heart

Consider the Sky

I have the great fortune of living in the sky, many floors high. Gazing West.

Every evening I observe an ever changing, dynamic interplay of currents that toss and tickle the layers of clouds. Celestial exhalations like God’s soft breath create unique patterns. Another beautiful sky tonight. Be mindful of nature’s exquisite elements. 

Consider the sky.