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The Sunset Hour

some days i watch the sunset

some days i am the sunset

so intricately woven

betrothed to a horizon

that slips away


oh elusive lover

let me sink into your serrated edge

solar skin pierced by rusty blades

hazy heat kissing the everglades

let me disperse the stratus mists

with promise of fleeting diurnal trysts


i’ll drape my golden along forest floor

amber the sands

leave mortals in awe

just meet me again

let us tangle, once more…


A very special lady joined our WordPress family less than a month ago…. making immediate friends with her warm words, encouragements and vivacious soul.

Soriah is now preparing her final journey from this mortal coil, and her blog “Poetry and Chocolate” has disappeared into the digital ether.
I was able to briefly re-blog one of her wonderful poems before it slipped away too.

Please wish her well….

Soriah, best wishes on the journey. Remember to dress warm … heaven is surrounded by vast tumbling, iced clouds sweetheart ….. ❤️❤️

Farewell Summer

My soul has reaped the late summer harvest
of corn

no longer plump

withered to a deep golden
of cherries

flesh contracted to the pit

rich purple bruised

rot concealed
of love

a dehydrated straw flower

of short lived perennial state

made more beautiful by intoxicating influences

and heady, hazy skies
Image of the delightful double straw flower “Helichrysum Bracteatum” as captured at Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver, BC. 

A Cloud Canvas

Would you let me paint the clouds for you?

long, languid strokes

lavishly spread

over fading azurite blue

with cosmic brush dipped to ferrule

heavy with heaven

dabbing ashen shadow

betwixt amber wisps

and tranquil towering iced tufts


a masterpiece bestowed

for my melancholy muse

heart unknown

Hollow Tree

with creaking branch

against gentle breeze

I stifle wayward memory

with sullen, wooden ease


for I am but a hollowed trunk

core charred from flame on high

I sought the thrill of lightning strike

stiff branched, I’d taunt the sky


my splintered bark now falls to ground

though painful peel, I’ll make no sound

and gnarled roots under ashen soil

tremble deep from termite toil

Of clouds

Do you ever read the stories of the clouds?


The tossed veil of the tentative bride

as white wisps resting on a hill

disturbed by the temperamental groom

his brooding jealousy edging closer

with dark, Cumulonimbus gloom


Nimbostratus brings endless days of rain

oppressive, weighed down with relentless pain

the mourning widow painting the landscape with tears

shivering puddles reflecting her mighty grey

her heart torn through by contrail spears


Let your soul float as the delicate Cirrus

soaring above all others

your silken strands never diminish the strength of the sun

as your ice crystals warm and dissipate through

halycon heavens

and at sunset

you are the last one still tantalizing

the final flickering finale

in perfect pink






The Infant Dawn

In this excruciating void

betwixt fading moon and

rising sun

an ebony pool

our weary souls float

crestfallen beside cockles

by phosphorescent starfish glow

too long this night


So, alight on the wings of the morning gull

a new horizon is beckoning

with shards of infant glow

unique, unseen





Inspired by yet another exquisite dawn: mother nature’s deft strokes left me in awe.