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the sky is sanctuary

where silken shreds of your soul

have sun tendril melded

lashing golden in my sight

i squint in memory delight


so at sunrise, with gasps

we become one again

and follow me you burn

simmering heat on shoulders

till the day is horizon nestled


your bright reminds me

you are not gone

merely crossed over

leaving me with moonlit melancholy

and the finite fears of a mortal mind

chemically prone to fantasy

and feckless conjecture


so let your rays reflect on my ice wintered self

and i in limbic state remain

your cyclic comfort cherish i will

in eternal, salutary refrain

A very special lady joined our WordPress family less than a month ago…. making immediate friends with her warm words, encouragements and vivacious soul.

Soriah is now preparing her final journey from this mortal coil, and her blog “Poetry and Chocolate” has disappeared into the digital ether.
I was able to briefly re-blog one of her wonderful poems before it slipped away too.

Please wish her well….

Soriah, best wishes on the journey. Remember to dress warm … heaven is surrounded by vast tumbling, iced clouds sweetheart ….. ❤️❤️


dismal morning you came too soon

with tentative glare you shrouded the moon

casting acid on this heart of mine

contented in shadows

allergic to shine

cowering ever from daylight divine

dare I step into the fleeting bright?

when all I have known is velvet draped night

nay, let me retreat to the calm of dark pure

for the void is my mistress

her iced fingers




in these canyons of craving

we shuffle as

shadowed silhouettes

shallow footprints never settling

under a stinging desert shamal

squinting through silica scathing

with sand grit mouth

our lips pull away

parched, lithic dry…

your pernicious passion contrived

in clandestine contrast

to the sky

which thereafter floods blue

from tears





I awaken early to marvel at the dawn

but I hesitate by the window

will there be a fusion of exquisite hues

much like your chameleon eyes

crack’d crimson red nestling the hill


permeating valleys

heralding a “sailor’s warning”


and there before me

your bloodshot morning gaze

a mélange of tousled locks


stale alcohol

a glass on the marble top night stand reminds me


and the beautiful dawn

becomes a figment of the mind

the raven call now forlorn

from joy left behind


for there is only tumbling cloud

when the curtains part

the sky drained of all colour

and my heart drained of all purpose


For a moment I lost track of time

is it morning, or afternoon

and are you still mine?


Are the footprints on the porch

you coming or leaving?

Are we acres of joy

or vast fields of grieving?


And who is the man in the picture

on the wobbled side table?

I’d tell you his name

if I were but able


Besides him smiles the lovely bride

I have that dress don’t I….

and posy bouquet, but dried?


Where am I again

and will I ever be

reunited with you

in full clarity….



Image is my first foray into the world of macro. Inspired by Pete Hillman and his beautiful blog (petehillmansnaturephotography). Of course, when you are focussed on the world of miniature: a type of meditation ensues and for me, words tumble. Enjoy.


She throws snowballs at the sun

Squinting with laughter abundant and true

Gasps at chromatic aberrations on eyelash tips

Ice flecks of rainbow prism dew


Her winter glides gracefully into spring

with daisy chains and purple peony pastime

Grass scuffed knees under shredded dress

Skips meadows humming a nonsence rhyme


And as summers creep and memory fades

the years they pass with startling pace

Nurture well your child within

Mirror kiss her seasoned face