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My roots thus exposed

laid bare for your inspection

an unholy public dissection

on hallowed metal slab


my wrists are tethered trembling

strapped hard to silence questioning

of spotlight

harshly flickering


my heart

now barely quivering

stripped clear from ribbed covering

and clasped in bloodied hands

her clot cloaked cavities

caressed into the bag labelled

“chronically capricious”



Wholly inspired by the wonderful Anaïs Nin quote “I am only responsible for my own heart, you offered yours up for the smashing my darling. Only a fool would give out such a vital organ”.

The Deaf Heart

Because my heart would not listen

i chained her to the railway track

strode away with nearing train whistle

deliberate footfall

i did not look back


Because my heart could not listen

i bound her tight with coarsened twine

blindfolded her gaze so long pleading

disowned her as no longer mine


Because my heart does not listen

on a field I leave her for vulture prey

but instead of carrion so tempting

a bird  lifts her cloudward



The Bleeding Sunset

This exquisite pain

cannot be tamed within

it seeps through my pores

pools like acid on skin


it’s stencils are fingerprints

etched indelibly on glass

brought up to dry lips

soured wine now will pass


it sullies my vision

all sunsets bleed red

dawns dim, not brighten

to your darkness









The physical manifestations

of your abhorrent manipulations

are rippling excitations

down my lizard spine


Such unexpected permutations

include exquisite evocations

and post coital proclamations

from a forked tongue


But after countless titillations

i’m left to ponder ruminations

during lengthy hibernations

so cools my reptilian blood

Weather Beaten

The window of my heart

opaque panes with paint flaked frame

lead lined, cold vitrified

hanging part unhinged

rust tainted

from the sea air

and  winds of despair



come close and marvel

the crack’d clefts twist light

into rainbow prism trajectory


shards set in shifted sand

nestle my scarred feet



fear not the shattered glass

for you shall wear boots

and everytime you pass

tread pellucid slivers to dust