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Night Vision

prehend a pellucid sigh

from dormant lips a-tremble

seal it in felicitous flask

labelled gasps assembled


so delicate a breath

cyclic in nocturnal assail

with shades of soul soon aloft

on mistrals of moistened exhale


yet tumbles the silent ask

of shadows seeking answers

as shimmer of nightshade flickers

behold the Cimmerian dancers


fickle sleep…shall i defy you?

when wakeful is the dream

till sway of curtain

yields pierce of light

relinquish not

this lover’s sight


Once upon a restless night

I tangled in a fearful fight

somewhere between sleep and wake

With a spirit, foul and fierce

intending my frail heart to pierce


She pulled a knife from it’s faded sheath

and hissed obscene through ochred teeth

somewhere between wake and sleep

She sliced and thrust the blade at the air

to find I was no longer there


in the corner

watching us from a chair



Image featured is a photograph of a wood mask by the amazing Haida artist Bill Reid (1920-1998). Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver, BC.