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chill me

with ice-tipped fingers

tracing, teasing

tempering …heat from within

and every unspoken whim



warm me

with an urgency pressed

between dawn’s fleeting pages

petals reveal

in quivering stages


burn me

with passionate phrase

acid etched, irrevocably spoken

in fired whispers

an indelible tattoo, a token

to recall at a late hour


with half smile

and full knowing

Mistress Ice

She appeared to me first on a crisp winter’s eve

black veil, lace frayed and scented of forest pine

barefoot and wild eyed

distracted by amber dusk hue we both


Yet there was mischief in her step

I did not feel her fingernails grip my arm

I did not feel myself slipping


I saw her narrowing eyes squint from where I lay

“how easily you succumbed, I only meant to play”

Smashed skull, hair matted damp

I lay alone by the frosted street lamp