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the creation

of this asphyxiation

relies upon the air shared

when lips are locked

inhaling exhalations

to hypoxic innervations


the stars you’ll see

blame solely on me

and my insatiable

oxygen depleting desire


after you whisper

sommergimi di carezze fino a farmi affogare*

I make the stars dance through celestial sparks

crowding our heaven

as we fall


through the crack of time

one single breath, divine!




*smother me with caresses until I suffocate

The Call

when the dusk daisies draw droplet dew

a breathless whisper

shall come to you

a gust of wind

carries the scented call

an enticing murmur

of forbidden enthral


settle your eyes

afire to the West

as I to the East

send your ravenous sunset

to fulfill my morning feast

let not the ocean whole

cool this languid burning

a bridge for souls now made

shall attend our silent yearning …


for a time

i was your wine


at first young and fresh

and abundantly available

you wanted a dozen 

of this quirky Lambrusco

and I was delivered to your door 


but I wasn’t to your taste

you swilled me in your mouth

spun to glass rim

with subtle berry aroma 


and I 

stained your carpet




bottles forgotten in attic dark

a seal cracked

from sentimental midnight lark

and in this first shadowed sip

a heavenly balsamic lust did spark


and lingering



This molten orange evening sky

awash with thoughts of you and I

like treacle smeared on glistening skin

golden coats the warmth within


Herringbone patterned clouds on high

are ribs attended with soft touch sigh

as ocean rolls

wave upon wave

nature beckons

our hearts




come lay by me

withered grass bed at our backs

blue sky under our feet

grab me, when I say I’m falling ….

and we’ll laugh like children

for I meant “for you”

and you thought

“into the blue”


on this late August eve

while the  lazy bumble bees hover nearby

we listen to the frolic of breezes

playing leaf rustle games,

and feast on the plump blackberries

staining lips and fingertips



I am heavy with the season

heat, and longing



before you

skin undulates

peaks and troughs

rise and fall


your light explorer’s touch


a feathered frolic of fingertips

lingers by lace seam

a candle

hold it closer for blissful scrutiny



punctuated with sudden gasp





the flame to see by

invites flames to dream by