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A seed

did it rain all day …

did the clouds not part their lead

loaded grey?

your heart mud heavy in the moist

your spirit soaked

in need of hoist

oh how I wanted to be your shelter

but at first i could barely raise

a rusted umbrella frame

my own self in search

of enfeebled ovule to reclaim

a seed set swirlward to shallow drain

till our fingers meshed there

to sieve and save


this union, we crave

your name … so shall I engrave

in the dry ground tomorrow



when the divine created our star

near eternity we lingered

a somnolence of heaven’s burning

till red, raging

a supergiant

and in the the near, never-after…


a supernova sublime

a merging of milennia and molecules

belligerent to time

fiercely fusing

not even destiny to deny

now today

our eyes of umber meet

familiar iridescent irises

peppered with stellar dust greet

for we are of stars

welcome home…

Not Yet

when you ask me to explain

why I love, fierce yet new

i throw up my arms

exasperated… as you do


must I really explain?

in choice verbal refrain

the cyclical tug of the moon

the surges of the tide

the longing, the familiarity

when you are … inside


in our last life

at our final hour

you said “never forget”

but, you have darling

yet not I


not yet


“Parole” to Italians

“Les Mots” to the French 

an abundance of words

upon you

i shall drench
You shall emerge

from such a verbal sea

dripping with heavy

and longing for me
let them not evaporate 

for they indeed eviscerate

from a heart undone
perhaps press them between pages

with dried forgotten flowers

to hydrate when needed

come someday 

lonely hours


and if you should fall suddenly

into the vast cerulean blue

remember first to grab my hand

and i shall follow you


for the sky is vast this day

and impeccably alluring

my dearest one, let’s swim again

a firmament float enduring


and as the air grows thin

lips shall meet

and breathe me in

from giddy thought

to last embrace

consciousness slipping

you’ll see my face


Photo: Wreck Beach, September 30th, 2017. Watching seals.

To catch a Star

This night I near captured a star

nestling her reflection

her still water perfection

with calm hands

cupping her brilliance

her light years’ resilience


but with mortal impatience

my fingers start to tremble

with ripples of longitudinal shear

betraying intentions assembled

and her lustrous nocturnal glow

fuses as molten silver

slipping into the cool depths below