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The Breath

as I sit in yonder peaceful place

i struggle well to recall your face

for it was your soul that invited me to play

then body cloaked

swiftly turned away

a dance for one…


i stand along a foreign shore

as winter approaches I reflect ever more

of hope laced dreams

as numbered as the sands

now only fine grit grains

sift inert through my hands

as you swim for mermaids…


i lay beneath a tumbled cloud

my body constricted in lavender shroud

with fate’s call yet taunting my mind

her spoken whispers are to be left behind

with a final breath…

The Capture

I wait

for the sun to pass behind a cloud

for the breeze to still

for the shadow to shimmer sideways

for the chance of a split second

of immeasurable beauty

gentle squeeze of the exposure button

with breath hold, unblinking

you my love

captured in time


The process of macro-photography is a low yield labour that requires inspiration, breath holding and total disregard of cramps. A bit like a budding relationship.



On this Father’s Day I’m sharing a picture of my dad from 1966.

My sisters’ names are on the chalkboard. I was a mere twinkle in his eye at this point – he was on an Antarctic expedition and some 5000km from my mother 🙂