before you break

will there be a sound of

ice crack

a forewarning, frail fissuring

like the sonorous peals

of the frozen rivers of spring

startling the industry

of nest builders

to open mouths

of tumbling twigs


and when I bleed

shall it be the slow seep


from leaf detritus

autumn pavement stains

individual patterns indiscernible

washed to gutters

of memory


every season shall have

its sensations

the crack, rot and seep

we mortals parallel

32 thoughts on “Mortal”

  1. Hi dear Diana, the beginning of your poem is quite foreboding,
    “before you break
    will there be a sound of
    ice crack”
    And a sense the season was a tough one, and then your finale stanza simply started the reality of life, that we are mere mortals.
    “every season shall have
    its sensations
    the crack, rot and seep
    we mortals parallel” …. I hope all is ok for you at the moment….xxx

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    1. Dear Ivor, you are right…any time away from writing is indeed a sign of real world distractions and challenges. A health scare with a dear friend rocked my world this year; my father’s ailing health …. that unwelcome yet inevitable frailty. And through it all, I have heightened appreciation for every day. I have never loved waking up more ….. everyday. Rain or shine. Work or play….
      Thanks for dropping by …. how are you doing dear Aussie 💕

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      1. I’m going ok, and yes I appreciate waking up each day. Indeed we are frail creatures, and life is not ageless any more…. Yeah, but I’m still here an writing🌏💙

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      2. Im glad to hear you are ok and writing always. As the days shorten, winters burden will become a blessing as I reconnect with my favourite folk like you Ivor! 🙏🏻😌

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      3. We are supposed to be heading into summer, but its been a terrible November so far, and I’ve actually got my heater on today, unheard of, for this time of the year… but it’s sure to warm up soon….. Lovely to hear from you Diana….I’ll send you this song… I know you’ll like…. on this his anniversary week….

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      4. That’s one of the most moving video/song moments …. how incredible! And Leonard’s haunting mastery xxx wow Ivor. Loved it ❤️


    1. Oh sweet lady, I’d never left for good …. just temporary leave of absence, a little travel abroad but mostly travelling from thought to thought. There was never a dull moment this summer… beautiful highs and the excruciating cancer diagnosis (close friend). She will conquer, but the journey …. hard….
      So bow, as the days grow shorter I feel subtle creative urges awakening… splendid it is to talk with you again 💕🙏🏻

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  2. Though I hope to be remembered fondly by my loved ones, I am oddly comforted (enticed even) by “individual patterns indiscernible” … the thought that I ultimately lose my distinct edges melding into the larger all. This calls as peace …

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    1. Hey Jazz, I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your comment and thoughts therein …. I too am comforted by the unity of souls blended …. an energy fused into infinity 🙏🏻❤️

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  3. I was expecting something as beautifully piquant as this, any one of these days when the beloved Armadillo found it in her to wander back to blogging.
    My dearest friend, this moved me deeply. I have been worried and anxious about you with everything that you’ve been going through these past months, a whole year actually – but I’m glad you found a release, (however momentary it may be) in these metaphorically mesmerising verses.
    Know that it does not matter what recedes to the ‘gutters of memories’ – what truly is yours are the lotuses that grow therein.
    With love 😘

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    1. Oh heavens, that last paragraph has me spellbound! I can see the unexpected lotuses, vainly trying to set root and defying expectation in the warmth of your praise. Dear Ishu, your eternal support is cherished – thank you sunshine ❤


    1. Well hello Renee! So lovely to receive your warm words …. thank you from the heart. I am well, healthy and full of gratitude every day, for so many things. Off to take a peek at Turtle flight….xo


  4. Oh goodness, how good is this writing of yours?? I am left with the warning and foreboding sound of that ice cracking, autumnal blood on the pavement, and a heart wrenching reminder of mortality. I felt this season you write of…. a firm tug at my heart strings.
    “before you break
    will there be a sound of
    ice crack
    a forewarning”
    Poetic perfection there… and are there signs like these? I don’t know what to wish for.

    Beautiful, Diana.


  5. Diana! I am so glad you are still doing some random postings…your extraordinary talent clearly never wanes.
    I’m sorry to read of the heartaches you have endured this year…something in the air? It’s been a hard year for us too.
    I hope you are doing okay…how is your father? That is a challenging thing when overseas…we have just gone through that as my father-in-law passed away a little unexpectedly a couple of months ago.
    Sending love from the south xo

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    1. Hello sweet V! Thanks for checking in …. so sorry to hear about your father in law. The diminishing physical health of our aging relatives leaves such heavy hearts doesn’t it- so excruciating yet inevitable. My dad is stable right at the moment; remaining happy as family frets over him. I thank god for my doting sisters who I owe everything to.
      I never thought of the future and family struggles when I left Oz two decades ago. How blissfully unaware I was chasing dreams.
      I feel your love, and wrap it up in layers of woollies I’ve pulled from the winter closet …. hehe. You are an angel ❤️❤️❤️

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      1. It really does…leave heavy hearts I mean. I think what I have really been grappling with this year is just how fast life truly does go…it’s quite alarming really.
        I’m glad you have family support!
        I’m fortunate, too, that my parents are the type who always believed we should spread our wings and fly, but it really is true that that works better when everyone is well and healthy ha!
        I’m glad you can feel the love…it’s here whenever you need it.
        And thank you for your lovely words. ❤💚❤

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    1. Hello my dear friend…. my apologies for the late reply. So lovely to hear from you. Because I work in healthcare I have been unable to stay entirely at home. But I am taking great precautions and we have not yet seen the worst in Canada. I hear India is locked down for three weeks! That is history in the making! I hope you have enough supplies and your family is well ♥️


      1. Yes we are good here. I did not know you are associated with health care. But under any case you do take enough care of self and family.
        Love and peace ❣️🙏
        Hope that the situation gets under control soon.

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      2. It is true we have to be patient with this illness. But with the agony comes mankind uniting against a common enemy. I pray the battle passes soon.


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