with spindles bosky and silhouette

we perforate the sky, such brittle regret

yet once we stood crookedly proud

resplendent with leaf

so elegantly bowed


do you recall when our roots first touched?

you shivered

sending squirrel from covert lair

wooden glances; your arborous armour

barked “beware”

yet I advanced with patient seasons at my side

supporting nest of solitary wren

a foliage crested bride

37 thoughts on “Splintered”

    1. Grateful to you dear D …
      but sweet lady, I write in such an infrequent and brief manner … and you so prolifically from a deep, infinite pool of inspiration. I am in awe of your creativity!


    1. Haha, the concise diction portrays my concise attention span at times! I set to write, then there is a ding here, or a buzz there. Or a bird squawks. Heck, I can’t even chew on candy and write lol. I’m surprised I post anything at all lol!
      Hope you are grand Kelsey and enjoying your mind week moments! ❤

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  1. I love this. This fits into what I have been thinking about relationships. If we are a tree and out brothers and sisters are trees all around us in a small circle; our roots are intertwined and our branches touch each other. Outside of that circle are our friends. Their roots also touch ours and our branches are also intertwined. The truth is we are all connected. I loved the images in your poetry. They are perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And I adore your comments, dear Valerie! Thinking about these interconnections and how they mesh through the ground beneath us, fortifying and hopefully staving off any erosion over the years. I would wish nothing more than that every soul has this type of fortification as they travel through life. ❤

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    1. I’m glad I stayed on course and encouraged you to leave these oh so kind words! Hugs aplenty Arbie, hope the kitties and ferret and boy are in fine form these days ❤


    1. In drips and drabs and usually on a weekend after a nice randonner by the ocean or in the woods! Inspired by the fresh air although it still continues to be Arctic in nature! I’ve heard parts of the USA are faring no better either…! With you ?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my dear enthusiastic singer/poet/comedienne ….. how welcome your words are when they arrive at my doorstep, and how eagerly I invite them into the home of my heart. Hehe, yes had to throw a childish metaphor in there for ya! ❤


    1. Trees are rather deeply rooted in my blog 😉 They aren’t as glamorous as spring flowers, or ocean waves … and usually are the background element in photographs, but a single one, examined up close is a true marvel of structure and survival.
      Hope you are well dear Ivor!


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