Buzz Words

i happen upon a bedroom for bees

a velvet petalled boudoir

‘neath omniscient trees

canopies aquiver in a

lavender scented breeze


Bombus impatiens

rests with striped acquaintance

to sip at dappled dew

spiracles gasping

pollened feet askew


so quaint this gleeful garden scene

to lull a child

as if in dream

so rest your barb, your lancet sting

poised pollinator…

only honey bring!

65 thoughts on “Buzz Words”

    1. And you reply while the ink is not yet dry!
      I’m pretty sure I have a mild allergy to pollen but I could never develop any antibodies to your words dear Ishu …. thank you for your omnipresent support, even for such a simply ditty 🙂 ❤

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      1. Deep curtsy, and a slight spinal crack ensues as I did not warm up in the presence of your kindness! I should have known better…. should always do my stretches before posting hehe **hugs** and a top ‘o the morn to you young Miss!

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      2. Thanks sunshine, may your day be as sweet as the finest drop of New Zealand Manuka (Google calls it the worlds best.. and in Google we must trust lol) 🙂 🙂

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      1. Oh you control them too? and Royal jelly? hehe..they are going to be left high and dry, maybe I should reblog some of your posts just to escape the disappointed stings.

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    1. Dear Val *waving* ….how very sweet of you to have me in your thoughts! I am impossibly lethargic with regular reading and posting of late, still distracted by the great outdoors and soon off to Australia for a sweet and long overdue family reunion. Sending my best to you sweet soul 💜💜

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    1. Dear Megha, kindest heart … I will never understand how you manage to find the time to read and write so prolifically, all the while fulfilling the trying demands of motherhood. You are an undisputed legend! And in my admiration is heartfelt thanks! Always! 😌❤️

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      1. Awww you are such a sweetheart..I wont say its easy but I dont think anything we are passionate about it, is ever easy.There is still too much to learn and still many things to accomplish.I have a very long list..haha


  1. Ladies and gentlemen, the lovely Diana has found the words!!!!!! And not only has she found the words, the words S I N G straight from her soul and bring endless amounts of joy to her readers. (Especially this gal! 😊😉) A gorgeous piece! I feel your adoration for nature through every last little word. So incredibly happy to see you’re sharing your poetry again, dear friend. ❤️🌸❤️🌸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow …. such a gushing comment is a dopamine reward of the highest order! Happily humbled am I!
      How your sweet personality shines through too as you write; you are a jewel of a friend Kelsey and I value your fabulous feedback, always…🦋💜💌❤️🦋

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    1. Haha, the words just flowed so easily my dear! These little details from the microverse are so fascinating are they not, and all we need do is look deep into a moment to see such magic 💜


  2. There you are! I was about to message you on instagram and ask if you’d closed up shop. When I clicked on you through Fiery’s post it sent me to WP themes!!! AAAAH!

    Gorgeous poetry as always. Thank goodness you’re appearing in my feed again. Didn’t this happen before, too?

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    1. Ahhhh! The WP reader conspires against us over and again… dastardly rascal haha! But yes, preparing for overseas travel and enjoying the smouldering summer days has me wholeheartedly distracted. And you, sweet Arbie … are you overseas once more!

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  3. Sweetness oozes through the words, decorated beautifully in your poetry. Some day, start a seminar to let us know how you weave words in such a wonderful manner, that your poetry makes us dance and smile in our minds…

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    1. What lovely sentiments to be reading dear Ritwik! It is you who always adds another dimension to my evening smile. And the mere thought of a seminar, a stage … has me quivering unless you were there with card prompts 😊🙌


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