the clouds convulse, to clash

a fearsome ravage of altitude

ice shards, screech and gnash

silver linings deform, obtrude


this war of wretched weather

will pass unheeded by most

yet those of frenzied feather

attuned to an empyrean host

will revel in heaven’s distress

bristled bellicose, valorous egress

darting, diving, wings flailing

avian sky dappled, unveiling


and Indra thus invoked

shall choke the crepuscular rays

so drown the cries of man


end of








76 thoughts on “Storm”

  1. Reading this awaited piece first thing today and I’m blown away by the tempestuous Diana-mic downpour of alliterative, metaphoric musings on the Storm! You really know how to create a world and pull your readers there with you.
    P.S – The allusion to Indra ❤❤❤

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    1. Ah, so thrilled with your feedback dear lady! Hugs ahoy! ❤
      I was so stalled with the ending …. it took longer than the body of the poem itself! I knew I wanted to include the powerful Hindi deity after I read about him…. but then found myself looking out the window at clouds and the paucity of birdlife. So easily distracted haha …..

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    1. Thanks V.J! Yes sky warnings, or climate aberrations?
      Birds always add a sense of eerie to the everyday, I see them as having great vision and intuition when it comes to the natural world. And as it turns out, I write about them quite frequently!

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      1. Dear Ivor, I too am in a terrible cycle of neglect of reading others. There aren’t enough hours in the day!! Even my own writing is a leaky faucet drip compared to fireman’s hose pressure of the past haha. Thought I’d throw this in … in honour of my favourite plumber poet!


  2. Was just thinking about you yesterday and was very happy to see a new post by you!! And it was full of great Diana-esque prose and imagery that blows the reader away. I think my particular favorite line ended up being, “a fearsome ravage of altitude” if only because it stuck with me. Hope you’ve been well, lady! 💜💜💜

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    1. Hey sweet soul! I think your positive thoughts must have compelled me to post… a telepathic nudge of sorts. Isn’t it interesting how life can sometimes take you away from writing, or even the will to write. I’ve been in nature, clinging to the last vestiges of a fading summer … and once my heart is full of those dear environs I collapse on my bed only to wonder what my favourite writers have been up to!
      What have you been up to ❤
      I have a feeling the winter months will be major catch up time…. xo

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      1. That’s actually an extremely apt way to describe it: “a telepathic nudge of sorts.” 🙌 soak up the last rays of summer and enjoy the transitioning into autumn 💜🌸🌼 blessed are the transitions when we happen to be aware of it! I’ve been well, mostly, bit of a whirlwind this previous week but besides that great! Another year older and potentially wiser? 😎😜 not ready for winter months yet but ready for change! ❤️

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    1. Oh, how I’m fond of such esteemed a title …. the first time it has been said and watch me glow, glorious lady Merit! ❤
      I hope your world is bathing in the same joy you continually bring to mine 🙂

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    1. Thank you kind ESP for such a hefty compliment! A medium to a god would be a role I would relish but possibly never do justice to.
      And what a fascinating god, invoked my warriors as they rush headlong into battle, linked to fertility, fighting the rain stealers; I truly couldn’t get enough of him!

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  3. Each day I came back to check for your new poem; and I knew, the longer it took, more amazing it will be! The Diana-mic poetry is here to blow all away with the winds!!
    Your humble follower thus pays his regards.

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    1. My dangerous weather was only a feather! Haha! No that was merely from one of the fledgeling birds surely … for the storm grew in intensity and in fact, feather duvets were flung about violently 😉
      So lovely to hear from you !

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      1. Haha! It’s odd isn’t it… how we go through phases of blog activity dear Tony. I’m definitely the type to wait for inspiration to strike, emotions to rise, or nature to throw me into moments when writing just flows! Do you find the same? And as yet the writing prompts just don’t work … 😉

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      2. I do, I know you have noticed mine as well. went i go vacant… I’m more inspired, I have another performance coming next month… Nevertheless those prompts don’t do it for me… I can’t force it. thank you for responding to my missing the poetic you… I smile, shout and dance


  4. First of all I like to say that’s great way to introduce our hindu deity of heaven..
    The world’s weather is mutual, one is natural.. which is happening since the inception.. but now it’s mutual the act of humans.. the chemical reactions, global temperature variation.. but a poetic feel to describe the weather is much more interesting to reach all..
    That you have done best..
    As Einstein says… imagination is greatest power.. your imagination is fantastic…
    I enjoy and learn a lot by your writings.. 😊😊✌✌

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow Ashkay, how your comment delighted me! The Einstein quote was a pleasure to read, and your kind tone and compliment cherished!
      I am a fortunate author to be read by you… 😊😊

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  5. What a marvellous art show! I could feel myself sitting with you and imagining all that you described beautifully above . Birds are indeed the most fragile souls in the universe and I loved how you ended it !
    Mind blowing 🤗💝🌸🤩

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I was eager to read your opinions, dear Namra! Thank you for your devotion and sharing some of your precious spare moments reading me.
      I hope you escaped with me into an epic imaginary place!

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  6. oh dear, what’s there not to love about this piece of beauty..the metaphor, the alliterations, the vivid imagery it portrays and the structure of the words and the reference to the God of Rain. It’s always a poetic treat to read your poems, Diana.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Sweet Megha with the softest heart and kindest words, how you dissect my humble offerings and reveal them like jewels! Thank you bella…sending happy hugs from my northern home to yours … 🤗💜💜


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