Night Vision

prehend a pellucid sigh

from dormant lips a-tremble

seal it in felicitous flask

labelled gasps assembled


so delicate a breath

cyclic in nocturnal assail

with shades of soul soon aloft

on mistrals of moistened exhale


yet tumbles the silent ask

of shadows seeking answers

as shimmer of nightshade flickers

behold the Cimmerian dancers


fickle sleep…shall i defy you?

when wakeful is the dream

till sway of curtain

yields pierce of light

relinquish not

this lover’s sight

43 thoughts on “Night Vision”

  1. Love it!!! You described how it is to have to wake from such a dream. I don’t know about you, but my dreams are so vivid, many times I wake up feeling like I actually experience my dream. It is true, “You only live twice.” I wonder if all the creative types have these kind of experiences?

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    1. Wow, thanks Valerie … and now you have me contemplating dreams. I have been at that sweet place between dream and reality where I’ve flown, or levitated … or seen beautiful bouquets floating around the room. Exquisite and vivid as you mention! And certainly we are lucky souls as we can be creative and therefore teeter on the edge of that other world 😊💜💜

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  2. Like a whispering meditation in the dark are your words here, Lady D! Versifying between the dawn and the nocturnal pall.

    “with shades of soul soon aloft
    on mistrals of moistened exhale”

    Shades of soul! My, oh my!

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    1. I’m excited you quoted that my faithful friend 🙏🏻💕 …. the “mistrals of moistened exhale” was the last line I wrote after many a moment and blank stare lol.
      Not unlike that last pinch of spice that finally satisfies the discerning chef’s palate.
      Heartfelt thanks and May your day be, you know… rather… MARVELLOUS hehe 😜 😘👏🏻👏🏻🌸

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      1. It has been very busy here of late, but great to catch up on some of your wonderful posts! 🙂 Winter approaches here much too fast for my liking. Although I like autumn, I much prefer spring 🙂


    1. Dear ESP, thank you for delving into my archives and thus drawing my attention back to this one. It’s surely one of my favorites and your attention truly warms my heart …..

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  3. Well I certainly get a buzz seeing a notification from you brighten up my cell phone and my MOOD soars 🙂 It does remind me of the neglect of the blog, which is like an overgrown garden waiting to be tended …. and I’m also months behind with my reading of my favorite bloggers ….(finger playfully pointing at you…)
    Hope your evening is full of discoveries and written gasps!


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