my skin

won’t break

though tainted from scratch

and taunted by branding iron

tremulously inked with tattoo tint

dehydrated, despite monsoon

singed when sun fires through ozone

it shall be a resilient dermal shield

when unsuspecting hearts yield

to the treachery of time


there will always be skin

pulled tight over bone


presumed to be a smile


grimacing curve of lip tension

errant betrayal of intention

when puckered with piloerection

wrapping, sealing

neuropathic unfeeling

your skin

73 thoughts on “Skin”

      1. I have met the odd young mind on here who can remember their poems and even titles. I know I have a pupa in a poem but will have to peruse well over a hundred to find it haha. Thanks for asking Valerie 💖

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    1. Goodness Kunal, what a message to read before sleep. I think I lay my head down and was still smiling with my teeth illuminating the dim room . Haha! I so revel in your kind enthusiasm. Have a great Tuesday!

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    1. Tucked away in my comment section, yet your opinions are always cherished adorable one! ❤ On Teacher's Day I appoint you dean of the school of Praisonomics … now let me find you the shiniest apple dear Prof 🙂

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  1. I’ve had a skin full this evening, another red clean-skin bites the dust, however I managed to scratch my way through your wrappings, and still enjoy the crunchy itchy pores of your words…….

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    1. Haha, this was something unexpected …. and all of a sudden I find myself rather itchy Ivor. Obviously in need of a good loofah moment and some Eucalyptus oil soap 🙂 🙂


      1. Yes the old eucalyptus oil soap will work, and I’m still on my little temporary computer, so really struggling to keep up, I’m getting quite frustrated, but I’m out of red wine tonight,, maybe a Bundaberg rum and Coke 😉🍷xx


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