it is the underside of leaves

where true tenderness lies

untouched by relentless sun

huddle in canopy disguise


with an affinity for the strength of stem

an organic parasol shade

veined chlorophyll lattice

tangled in web palisade


it is here where you will find me

frail skin caressed by caterpillar

and although i no longer see the sky

droplet reflections comfort the eye

the value of a fallen tear

glistens, revealing the blue

on shimmered surface tension

of diffident dew

69 thoughts on “Shelter”

  1. Just wow! What a silken beauty of a feeling of your poem! And then there is this hidden power in appreciating the beauty of the unseen sky in the droplet that reflects it. The fallen tear carries a similar strength and beauty. I am amazed at what you did here!

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    1. Oh I’m so happy to receive your wonderful comment Pragalbha ❀
      I was intrigued by the theme of shielding the self…. yet still being able to see the beauty of existence even through sadness. The value of tears!
      I truly value you xo

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      1. So beautiful …I think with this explanation the poem became more clear to me. The words ‘relentless sun’ did remind me of a time when I wanted to stay protected from any brightness or clarity as it felt overwhelming to ‘see’ anymore …and yes I also recognize the sadness and the beauty through it.

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      2. Thank you so much!!πŸ’œ
        I surely recognize a fellow empath in you, sweet soul, and your words once more confirm this. It is such a fine balance of reveal and withdraw with us as we move from the harsh light of the everyday to the comforting shade. But I wouldn’t have it any other way 😌🌹

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      3. Your recognition is a comfort to my soul. I too wouldn’t have it any other way …yet go through tender phases of wanting respite, because the only way to comfort seems cracking open a bit more to fall deeper within.

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      4. How your words resonate!! That last sentence has a tragic yet profoundly beautiful truth to it. I hope when the cracks are opening you are able to find shelter despite the pressing demands of the everyday. If just that a fragile epidermal layer can at least seal and contain that beautiful heart of yours …

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      5. Thank you so much my heart friend for your knowing words πŸ™‚ I think I am very blessed to be given the time and space to be in this process – to be separate from everyday life, while living in it – I feel no other choice anyway. Trusting that we are supported and held through it all πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh how lovely a thought, I had to speak it out loud!!
      That summer weary butterfly deserves a stanza all of her own. Love to you dear Basilike πŸ’– … and thank you always!

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    1. Dear lady, having you read me is motivation enough … although my creativity drips rather than pours … hugs from afar Vivaciously Valiant One πŸ’œβ€οΈ


  2. This is a interdisciplinary, Your writing style is most unique…. shimmered surface tenstion… last few lines are best. Physics and botany… happy to read this diana…
    I missed your posts..
    Keep writing 😊😊

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    1. You are such a loyal reader not to mention sweetheart πŸ’œValerie!
      I remember once I placed my cellphone under a branch to use the β€œselfie” function to photograph the underside of leaves. It was a cool effect!

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      1. Yes! And just when we think we’ve seen it all, more intricate beauty is revealed. It’s all around us Valerie. Hope you are having a lovely relaxing evening 😊🌹

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    1. Oh you are beyond kind, dear soul. What a lovely feeling as a writer to be able to express and be artful … and receive acknowledgment. It’s the pinnacle of bliss, ever grateful xx 😊❀️


  3. I remember this picture and am moved by the poetry it accompanies! This is beyond beautiful for me, and relatable too. I always love how your first verse is simple in its beauty but the layers branch out into magnificent magnanimous metaphors as one moves further. Your poetry is a blessing to me Diana.. It really is πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

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    1. So enriched by your praises my dear friend … β€œmagnificent magnanimous metaphors” is a lofty alliteration that has my head spinning! Quick, blood sugar must be low … where is my emergency stash of cocoa infused sugar. Oh yes, used it last night… πŸ˜‰
      But not to make light of your beautiful comment, in all seriousness, I appreciate your words so very much! πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€οΈ

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  4. What wondrous love is this, O my soul! You have carried me away with this one, Diana. To see Life’s delicate imprint and then the power of the tear that comes to it and shows it itself: love, beauty, depth. Magnificent.

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    1. Oh Laura, your comments mean a lot to me! And I just read your “Cold Death” … wow, the visuals! Such good work but I did not find the comments available so thought I’d mention my admiration right here πŸ™‚

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  5. This is one of many reasons why I love you!

    You have a perspective as you forge your world around it. You have an infallible approach to see beauty beyond beauty. This poem is complete in itself, not just for the lyrical stance, the words, the theme but also for portraying such unorthodox eye of you! I love it for I get to know you more through this……

    This caught my attention and I cannot help but applaud…….

    “and although i no longer see the sky

    droplet reflections comfort the eye”


    1. And here, with your carefully chosen words Shefali, you not only honour me with the choice accolades but also reach out to my vulnerable side with the softest kid gloves.
      Thank you for making my time on WP so meaningful and rewarding …. for since day one this is another of the reasons I love you in return …… dear poet x

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  6. I am like…Oh My! What can I say when I read your poetry. Every word, every syllable revolts against my whim to write a beautiful comment; for they are not enough to shower praises and love for your poetry prowess.

    Until next time when again I will be blown away by you and be searching for those little words to say something!! Have an amazing day dear friend..

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    1. I think your glowing words imparted an extra dose of good vibes on my day Ritwik! It was full of Sunday sunshine and smiles.
      Thank you so much … your comments are collectible and will be read again dear friend 🌸😊


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