when the ocean came in

with its bellows, with its groans

with its almighty exclamations of foam

with spits and swirls

and torrid Medusa curls

of seaweed, filling your mouth

even Poseidon released his trident


lulled by siren hymn: iconoclast

and seahorses scattered

in equine nautical dance

a cataclysm of coral kingdoms

truculent to turbid tidal trance


we didn’t see it coming

that devastating wave of destiny

it arrived when we were distracted

by sky, by sand

that moment you reached for my hand


so surrender we must

for the ocean we did trust …

84 thoughts on “Tsunami”

  1. Your poems are hypnotic, meditative almost… I picture the seas and Poseidon, his Trident and Medusa, and marvel at how gently you move from these grand images to a gentle whisper, breathing of life and love and destiny, then succumbing to the ocean, ready to be one with the waves… A Tsunami of magnanimous poetic proportions are you; reading your work each time is an experience anew, dear Poet of the West. ❀

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    1. What a fabulous comment …. may it stay right here for as long as I can read, and recognize the poetry as my own πŸ™‚ It’s a great privilege to have you pay such attention, dear friend.
      I myself was intrigued as to how something so horrific as a Tsunami could be broken down into words that might be meditative for the reader. And words conjured while riding my bike frantically over a trail beside the sea. As she sat, so innocently calm …. who knows the latent power of the forces of nature and when they might strike!

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    1. Many thanks dear Akshay; I so appreciate your time and the fact that you were able to momentarily imagine. I have been on beaches in Tsunami zones, even here on the West coast of Canada. I cannot imagine a wall of water and the terror that would ensue.

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    1. Of course, I saw you as the strongest swimmer when the water was rapidly rising! Also as one of the most entertaining guys on WordPress. How lucky am I to see you here πŸ™‚

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    1. I am humbled by such fantastic words dear Neha! It is indeed a great moment when something I write can enter the mind of the reader and create mental images. Smiling and twirling! ❀

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      1. You are an unspeakably sweet soul; it is as if I have known you for a very long time. Your words find a home in my heart ❀ Thank you so much …

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    1. Many thanks VJ. I was tentative writing about such a grandiose and tragic event (could I possibly do it justice)… and couldn’t help but relate it to personal relationships that feel almost cataclysmic in effect.

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    1. It means so much that you find the time to spend with my words Praghalba ❀ I feel like I have invited an old friend in for a tea when I see you appear. I have your favourite comfy chair and the conversation shall be memorable …. happy evening to you!

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      1. This is the most wonderful dream you bring alive with your words πŸ™‚ You and I meeting …laughing and chatting over a cup of tea. Time will stop moving and yes it will be memorable. Wish you the best of joy my amazing friend!


  2. This poem is like a smooth, high wave that it hit me hard as if I am a shore waiting to be drenched with your powerful yet so endearing touch of skill with words… The picture itself and then the picture you have created with your words takes me back to the memory lane and I see myself getting struck by destiny and I embosom it with all my will…

    Thank you for inducing this feeling of nostalgia. It totally worth it!

    ❀ ❀ ❀

    Much love!

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    1. I had been waiting for you to appear with your ever cherished, discerning reactions to my writing ❀
      What a delight that you allowed yourself to be lifted on waves of nostalgia, as if the turquoise sea herself was supporting you with salted hands cradling your back….safe from sea urchins and unseen treacheries….
      Much love to you dear Shefali, the Wandering Armadillo has missed you ..

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      1. I was revisiting to have another read of this poem and found this wonderful comment here which itself requires multiple reads, especially when it refers to the memory of being together…such memories might be a few yet so abundant to fill a lifetime with happiness and gratitude…

        ❀ ❀ ❀

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      2. Joyously I again receive your warm reply …. so thrilled that you return to read once more. There can be no greater compliment …. like a book we treasure so much we cannot bear part with it.
        And, like you, I cannot bear to part with memories few, but cradled to my heart in everlasting trance like reverie ❀ ❀


  3. What can I say…your words leave me spellbound!! The feelings, the expressions, the emotions…I feel like I’m standing in middle, and feel the whirlwind of your poetic words around me…such trance you induce, while I read… Remarkable, astounding, amazing, (ultra)extraordinary…

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    1. I am absolutely elated with your enthusiasm Ritwik … it’s a rare and wonderful thing: I truly feel that you connect with my writing and that casts a warmth within me. May your day be bright … thank you for making me smile over here… again!

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      1. I was thinking the other day…you write amazingly well; haven’t read any prose of yours like a story or anything. I was wondering how would that come out from a genius like you. Any future plans to write some prose??

        Its a pleasure having you here, and talking to you…. you too have an amazing day!!

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      2. Oh wow, interesting question dear friend πŸ™‚
        I think I would indeed like to write some longer pieces eventually … it’s purely a time management issue right now. Between my hobbies (two wheels, engined and not hehe) and enjoying nature my creative moments at the computer are few and far between. How about you? Any ambition for a project beyond the blogosphere?

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      3. Haha…well I hope between everything, someday you find that time and let those creative juices spill all over the blog. It will be an amazing day…I’m sure.

        As for me, writing and reading has been the passion: since school, high school, graduation and now office – meeting people like you here, having a friendly chat, lovely comments; for now I guess I am contend. This 4 words daily was an experiment, and since its fairing well for now, I am happy…


  4. honey childe I had already clicked “like” on this one. I remember reading it. But I just neglected to leave a comment. Sorry dear! So since you told me it was one of your recent favs of yours I checked it and re-read it again and it was just as AWESOME as before. So musicl and so much vivid imagery. really a lively poem. and tells a tragic story. and….and…..oh my GAWD! I just remembered I wrote a story that reminds me just of your tragic ocean story! wow wow wow. the similarity just hit me. Ya gotta give it a read if you have time. would you? either way much love! https://fitfulfearfulphantasmal.wordpress.com/2018/01/23/the-overseers-concession/


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