The Rat

i wander through the rooms

of you, protean partitions

a fawning pass through

shadow facing, self effacing


find me

in a cloistered sanctum

an airless antechamber

of faded light fenestrations

spawning Lescaux like illustrations

ancient projection and flickering scenes

reality yielded, yet gossamer dreams


you offer me such squalid abode

a somnolent subterranean cell

lulls shallow breath, long slowed

as hypoxia calms the Elysian dark

halycon opiate memories spark

… with hermitic spores


something scurries in the sooty stillness

scabious rodent claws at my cheek

“how did you get here” i whisper

another fanciful figment, so meek

“why do you stay” say i

i cannot reach the unlatched door

indolent, i close my eyes

with claws at neck

i wait some more



66 thoughts on “The Rat”

  1. Felt like I’m reading one of those great poets who left behind immortal poems, plentiful with mystique and awe and genius!
    With “The Rat” you surpass yourself and your ardent fan in her reverence, herself! ❀

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    1. What might I do without your support dear Isha?
      You are the very sunlight casting it’s warm glow as it dips along the golden horizon of my insecurities. Always there with your introspective thoughts and splendid feedback.
      I am blessed 🌷❀️😌

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  2. Your prose is always such a wonder to behold, D, and it’s a race between heavily supported by carefully chosen diction or the image(s) you imprint upon my mind…. Any case, it’s marvelous my friend! πŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ˜Š

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  3. One has to stop at the very second line of this poem, so to make up their mind if they are actually ready to READ this… “protean partitions”, how I gasped a heavy sigh, witnessing such wonders at imagination and creativity that it took me five reads to proceed past the second line…. !!

    This is OUTSTANDING sweetheart and the title is equally intriguing, especially if it is coming from D… D who is always perceptive of beauty beyond beauty….. so all senses to her…..what she has to say about rodents!

    I sense pain in this poetry and writer’s intent to satiate her doubts, to salve her wounds with hopeful assumptions… ❀ ❀

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    1. It means so much that you liked it, for you are both discerning and not prone to exaggeration!
      Yes my dear Shefali, such poems can be creative outings stimulated by imagination, much like an extravagant meal can begin with the first spoonful of ice cool gazpacho … followed by a Thai curry where the waiter forgets to warn you about the piri piri chili! So the initial thought turns into a vehicle for deeper emotions to be expressed, and just the mere act of writing (and you reading) have a cathartic effect. The burn of the chili recedes and it replaced by the sweet taste of hope… ❀ ❀

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      1. Oh my! Oh Prashant, you have no idea how much I enjoyed this! It’s just awesome …. I will always remember the first time my words made it to music!!!! I don’t know how I can ever repay you …. I’m just sitting here with the hugest smile on my face…. ❀ ❀ Thankyou thankyou … and any further attempts from you would be a gift!!!!

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      2. I was waiting nervously for what you’d say. This is a very inspired and inspiring poem, Diana. I would love to give music to it.


      3. Oh I think what you have done is just perfect … the twisted anguish in your diction….the voice of the rat! You have done me an honour Prashant.
        I can barely wait…. this is an epic moment in my time on WordPress xx


      4. I am very glad, Diana. I do this because you are a very fine poet. Thank you for the encouragement. ☺❀


      5. You are a dear soul, and as a bonus (for me) I really like your singing style…. and have always liked your writing Prashant!
        Have a fabulous day ❀
        You have totally left me with a permanent grin on my late evening face….

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  4. First of all: the title. Personally I can’t resist a poem called The Rat. I expect it to be dark and strange. So I begin to read.
    The poem takes me down holes, squalid abodes, nocturnal scenes. Something scurries past me in the dark.
    The words are as always well chosen, the rhythm impeccable. I love the imperative ‘find me’ and the sense of urgency it evokes.
    What are you doing to us, Diana?


    1. Haha, you are fabulous … I hope I do not cause any discomfort!
      And for me the opposite, for how I relish your words Basilike! I was so pleased I was able to escort you into the dim setting where a rat might be an only friend at one moment …. but only a moment. A hallucination, a sign of impending madness ready to eat away at the last healthy remnant of the writer more like πŸ™‚
      Splendid day to you beautiful ! ❀

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    1. Awesome feedback my friend…and welcome back Charlie, with your cryptic yet unique style you are a writer guaranteed to entertain!
      Haha, I was waiting for Blanck Mass to start singing at any moment lol

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      1. Good to be back! and reading really great poetry. Please do stop by and read my latest. πŸ™‚

        Did you get to listen to the song I sent you from Blanck Mass? If not, watch it on YouTube, type the name of the band and the song: The Rat.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes I saw the video … I was interested in the changing background but I have a short attention span for music without singing 😊
        I’m like β€œdude, say something” …. 🀣

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  5. How wonderfully metaphoric Miss Diana! We all are cloistered in the protean airless squalid antechamber of gossamer dreams languorously enjoying the halcyonic Lascauxian illustrations for our fanciful figment. The door supposed to be unlatched yet indolent and opiated eyes succumb to the Elysian darkness. Kudos

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