Poetry Knows

and what does poetry know?

how precious a grain of dirt you are in souless soils

sui generis; sacrosanct

how unique words tumble

in cryptic interludes with frantic gasps of reason

and you surface under the millstone of everyday


what does poetry know?

Β to cast a saturnine stare

hoping someone might be there

to marvel the mess

of words, dishevelled, undressed

fused with bile, froth, despair

to show the you of gems

tentative, uncut


what does poetry know?

that you are lacquered

over volatile brush strokes

raw umber light with flecked red ochre

on a mildewed canvas

still needing time to cure


give yourself to the place by the window and breathe

my beloved…

poetry knows

130 thoughts on “Poetry Knows”

    1. Hey, thanks and I hear you! Just as syllables written are expression so is the writhing joyous rhythms of dance. You are talking to a spontaneous kitchen dancer …also the first/last woman to leave the dance floor hehe. Hugs from afar!

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      1. I read a great quote yesterday re dancing: “There are reasons we dance, & there are reasons we don’t dance. The reasons we don’t dance all have one thing in common: they fucking suck.” Gabrielle Roth πŸ’ƒ

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  1. Diana knows ❀ 😍
    Oh my! Lady D, I see you’re not done killing me with beauty since last (late) night’s conversation. This poem is so different, yet so true to the person I know you to be! A positive, happy, lovely, warm and musical poetry with breathtaking phrases as only the Wandering Armadillo can compose, and I don’t think I need to tell you any more about my obsession with that picture. Haha… Wait, do you hear Lakme? Hehe

    “how unique words tumble
    in cryptic interludes with frantic gasps of reason
    and you surface under the millstone of everyday…”

    This is magic.

    P.S – From Schubert and Ba-na-na-na and Sal, to Diana, looks like my week is off to a great start with the GREATS 😘❀ hehe.

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    1. You flatter me always and I am so grateful my dear, faithful friend! Although I haven’t been known to be short for words your consistent kindness and warmth sometimes trip me up like a banana peel some cheeky monkey left behind! Haha! Bless those bright white, dazzling socks and thoughts of yours xx

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  2. The you of gems shines through this piece (as through all your pieces actually). We all have wondered about poetry — its power, its reason to be, its secret knowledge of us. Your question drew me in immediately. And then you gave me the beauty of your imagery and the musicality of the words you chose. Your last stanza could stand alone as micropoetry, I think. Bravo, Diana!

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    1. Loved your comment Basilike; I’ll tuck it away as one of my favourite from you….. you, the gifted writer. If I can hold your attention for even a minute I have achieved something heartening indeed ❀

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  3. No words can express my delight reading this. What a form our casual talks are able to take! Marvelous and inspirational. Thank you Diana for such a beautiful piece.

    I breathe reading this…… ❀

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    1. Directly inspired from a comment from you, sweet Shefali!
      Thank you for always fanning the flames of my simmering mind with your stimulating prompt sparks! Continue breathing and enjoying the rich creative air and energy that flows between…. ❀

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      1. The poet’s heart is blissfully discerning … and conveniently selective in her ruminations! Much love bright star 🌟 ❀️

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  4. What a gorgeous composition! True that poetry knows … to the depths and all that beyond, poetry knows how to carry us forward through life showing us the glimpses of those parts of us that are surging to the surface yet how unimaginable it is to look at them …poetry knows how to bring them to life.

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    1. Lovely Pragalbha, here you have spoken the very essence of what motivated me to write. The power of poetry to lay us bare, to solve riddles of the soul and as catharsis is something to be in awe of! Thank you beautiful lady for reading! ❀

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      1. Just when I admit to myself I’ve had a great day… you come along with your words and I’m plunged into a kingdom of smiles once more! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸŒΈ 🌈

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  5. Beautiful and so elegant. The poetry sure knows how it gilds and molds are a beauty like skillful craftsmen ..word by word..sylaable by syllable till we are shining to the core. The poetry truly knows and so do you.

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    1. I am lucky to write, pour out so much and BONUS… be read by you, my adorable friend from the East!! I always enjoy your softly tendered admiration and sip every special word! ❀

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  6. Hi, Diana!
    I stumbled upon this poem while learning the in’s and out’s of wordpress. It is so beautiful! You have a very special way with words!Thank you for sharing! I’m looking to surround myself with a community of beautiful souls who express themselves through words. I would love to become blog friends! If that’s not too weird πŸ™‚

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    1. Hello Melissa!
      So lovely to meet you and welcome to the wonders of the blogosphere 😊
      How apt is your name, because here, in your very first sentences … you bring only joy and unabashed warmth.
      Blog friendship sealed!
      I look forward to reading you πŸ’•

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  7. You are such a wonder, dear Diana! And I can see by the many wonderful comments here others think the same πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for sharing so much of your beautifully, artfully crafted words. πŸ™‚

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  8. This is really beautiful, I especially love these lines “how unique words tumble

    in cryptic interludes with frantic gasps of reason”. I love the vocabulary you choose here because it’s clear you’re writing to reveal and hide at the same time, and I think that’s my favorite part of poetry, that tension between accessibility and the occultism of language. This is really lovely.

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    1. This was in my spammy folder! Oh I’m outraged, but then it turns to a mega happy face …. dear Soundarya, this is a lovely compliment indeed ❀


  9. A sweet, pretty poem. Thanks for sharing it.

    I think poetry is basically an attempt to mess around experimentally with the medium of word in order to discover and gauge ways to create a desired emotional effect in an audience — but any poet could express that much better than I just did.

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  10. The thing I love about poetry is that there are so many ways to express a thought, so may word combenations we could put together. I love your writing style. It’s so different from my own.


      1. I’m delighted! Happy you found me …. for some reason this poem continues to get likes …. hmm. WordPress must have it sitting somewhere in full view ☺️ like a happy cat curled up on a sunny window ledge!

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