Melpomene* drums her fingers on my temples

and bites my lip with potent intent

observes my penury of writing

from her dour dominion of dissent


she reminds me of past anguish

rancid rhymes of fervid ferment

a melange of acrid reveries

bursting dams of dark lament


how then to explain, oh muse

a pen now dulled, infrequent

i’ve grown weary of the tumult

sybarite surrenders; senescent

this dearth of inspiration

corollary consolation

I am loved , I am content….




*melpomene is the Muse of tragedy

45 thoughts on “Content”

      1. I am well, thank you, and enjoy the sun when it chooses to make an appearance here as WA state is a fickled companion to the many changes in weather and cannot stay focused long enough at times for one to soak up some rays…as it were. Next year I will be moving down with my daughter who lives south of where I am presently and hoping to build a tiny structure on her property. I am four years away from 70 and need my life to change much from what it has been. I hope you are well and please do keep on writing for as I have said you have gift for doing so. 🙂


  1. There is quite something about reading your poetry in the silence of the night, Diana! Like I said, there’s no other poet alive, nor was in history, that could write like you.
    The contents of ‘Content’ boast of one of the most Diana-mic compositions ever penned. I love how you begin and end your work – with a quiet thought progressing into something that blossoms before the very eyes of the beholder, each petal and each fold within it containing something richly revealing, subtly significant and fragrantly flowery…only to end with a glimpse at the root of it all in a powerful, gripping line at the close, which opens up a whole new garden of thought. ❤ You are loved indeed, inspiring, calming soul… ❤

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    1. Your words are a feast for my frail writer’s ego! I sit at the table and feast with glee!!
      As I’ve mentioned more than once, the day our online paths crossed was one to go down in the annals of Armadillo-dom. Since then you have lavished me with a mighty compendium of generous praise, and I continue to be moved by every care infused sentence.
      I’m glad my words proved to be worthy of your very late, perhaps groggy headed reading.
      Thank you my wonderful friend….<3

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      1. No greater tonic than a sweet dose of daily laughter and international good vibes, my dear lady!
        You are beautiful to the core. I’m so looking forward to address my incomplete Ishaisms reading this long weekend!

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  2. Hi Dear Diana, Oh what a wonderful poem, I’m sure our goddess Melpomene would be suitably impressed. And yes, to have love is a good cure for the tragic side of life.
    And coincidently, I’ve had a poem published in a book called “Melpomene”, written/edited by Gwendolyn Taunton, my poem’s in the verse of Sorrow, “This Lost Shadow”, OH, and other authors who are in the book along with me include, William Blake, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, Charles Baudelaire, and Paul Verlaine……..

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    1. Can’t say I know those writer folk, haha…. but I sure know Ivor the Blogger Poet extraordinaire – and his passion and online personality charms us all! 🙂


      1. I hope I don’t come across as disingenuous Ivor. I think it’s important to cultivate respect for writing and effort so I have a tendency to lay it on thick. Writing means so much to us all! xx


  3. Even though it makes a case that the muse is redundant in current circumstances, such wonderful poetry to convey the same will be cherished by your muse and your readers alike.


    1. Oh thanks beautiful lady! ❤
      Such a glorious summer has started here…with nature guaranteeing beautiful vistas everyday! Every year a rebirth of excitement and the city is buzzing with activity. Hope all is well in sunny Sth Aus 🙂

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  4. Well, first thanks to you for teaching me something new and secondly this is pure bliss to read.I loved the conversation between the dying quill and the muse. Your words always evoke a deep sense of poetic emotion every time I read them. Love and hugs to you.


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