i linger in wistful reverie

lacquered luminary layers of mind

and to the clashing soundtrack of the sea

i contemplate

the possibility

of we


my gaze falls into the apocryphal azure

of our mutual sky

what if the answers are there….

on high

in the random scatter of the gulls

or in splintered fragments of shells

sifted in fingertips…

in prolonged silences

vacuum distilled defiances

in eyes dampened by distant reminiscences




52 thoughts on “Interlude”

  1. A lovely love song by your hand. Great rhythym and imagery, and that feeling of nostalgia… The image you chose is perfect too. You know, I have a salty taste in my mouth now — salty as when you have swam in the sea and there is salt on your lips (and a little in your throat because you have swallowed some water).
    You make me long for summer loves!

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    1. Such a rousing response from you sweet Basilike! Perhaps this calls for a sunset beach meet up with a little flask of Raki to wash away the salt residue….. such fine stories and laughter would ensue! πŸ™‚

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      1. Ah Greek coffee, Turkish coffee … the aroma of freshly ground percolated coffee made by my mama 😊
        Trying decaf for a year was my own personal hell dear lady….

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  2. I was as enraptured by this picture now, as when you sent it the other day, Diana… The poem composed is so heartfelt. The waters have a way of bringing out what lies beneath the surface, no? I loved the reflective, nostalgic, quietly lamenting tone of Interlude. Looks like The Wandering Armadillo stopped for a moment and gazed at the waves, just like the boy in the picture, but carried back the current of thought, like sand on shoes… ❀ You’re such an artist, Diana!


    1. Oh thanks from the heart Isha… and you have offered a lovely gift of words here….. a “current of thought, like sand on shoes” ahhh ❀
      Yes there is more to the picture than meets the eye; it was such a stirring moment to witness … and personally nourished a poem that had been sitting unfinished for a while.

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  3. I don’t know if you would have this to be read mystically, but doing so intensifies the already natural beauty of the images and structure of your poem. And oh what a perfect image for accompaniment! Is that you?

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    1. Sweet lady, I’m not entirely sure what you mean by mystical reading …. might it be a way of reading with spiritual intent? That would take my writing to a new level! How wonderful that you might suggest such a thing….
      The picture is only a few days old; featuring an inquisitive toddler and his fascination with the sparkling wavelets. ❀


      1. The delight is all mine love and I do crave to be back to reading yout beautifully woven words or be able to write. But my inspiration along with will for art for months have been poles apart. So , I only dare read art when I have the right spirits to digest it and absorb it in me. And it always brings nothing but happiness I assure you. β™₯️


  4. I love the tenderness of this. Always a warming thought to consider we all live under the same sky. But can also be painful too. Wonderful!


    1. Hey! It’s lovely to be read by you, but don’t sit too long 😊. Get out there and enjoy your friends and vibrant surroundings sweet lady… I’m not going anywhere! πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

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