Still Water

i came upon a wayward stream

and plunged therein

to choke a dream

and with intent to suffocate

and conscious self obliterate

lest ruminations fulminate

my flooded lungs did then deflate

i rise face up, in silted shade

my skin dissolves near everglade

becoming perch for dragonfly

in bloated state

my dream did die ..


61 thoughts on “Still Water”

  1. Oh wow… What a moment described in such poetic pathos! I imagined it all – the whole scene. How many a dream we have sought to choke in life, how many a bad memory forget. This is beautiful, Diana. ❀ That picture is visual poetry! You truly are a master of your art Lady D, I am so lucky and privileged to read your work.

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    1. I’m delighted you thought so much of such a simple piece … simple yet draped in a heavy cloak of dark emotion. And stillness. It’s a privilege to keep you entertained Isha… I how how prolific a reader you are! ❀

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    1. Hi Vivien… thanks so much for your comment. I must say I had mixed feelings writing it, which clearly you have picked up on. Disappointment, yet a calm acceptance. Have a great weekend!

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  2. Gosh this is intense!!! Beautifully done intense! The imagery comes so real with your words and I can feel it …how I, the Self disappears when my dreams get choked – they bloat filled with my grief as they drown – wonder what dies though, the dream or a part of me?

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      1. Oh my goodness, this is beautiful… the “weed of sprouting fear.” I do agree with this and the faint, far off sound you hear is applause … you are a great wordsmith dear Shefali…

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    1. My gratitude for your thoughts is truly ongoing! And yes, the imagery I experienced when writing was so vivid I was shaken for some time. Lovely to hear from you ❀

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    1. Fantastic my dear! I’m enjoying your photography and words on Instagram so much! You are a well rounded artist; a pleasure to behold ❀


      1. Smiling!! If people pause, even for a second… then the beauty and individuality of your photography is almost as staggering as your words πŸ™‚ ❀


  3. I so can see the vivid imagery you have created with your beautiful words
    I recently visited a salt marshes on the long weekend and your poem is doing justice to that scenery.and above all the deep sadness in the poem still lingers on the grass blade


  4. Your poetry always comes alive; vividly, clearly…it’s a wild ride that I enjoy embarking on. 😊 Also, there’s something magical about your diction in this piece, too; just an extra element to knock it out of the park! πŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸ₯‚

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    1. Loved the picture and your love for the word ‘wayward’ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      Beautifully written poem! But do you know, no water how wayward the stream is, it always end up in something big…. ! Let us wait for that unless Sun is too sharp for it to keep flowing….. πŸ™‚

      I am kinda sad, yet so hopeful reading this!

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      1. Ha, I think I could use “wayward” in every piece I write. Or in every comment! The truth is that it is a word as as known to me as my thumbprint πŸ™‚ Wayward is my spirit, ready to deviate at any moment, Distracted and easy to throw off course…an anchor free ship πŸ™‚
        And don’t be sad … sadness is merely a layer of humanity. It’s translucent and lets the sun through to bathe us at unexpected moments.
        Beautiful you, your words mean so much …. ❀

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      2. Wayward spirit with her wayward ways to show her exemplary, wayward style of love and expression!

        You are not love, my lovely friend but a heart, an abode to such sacred love ….

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  5. sublime poetry, the beauty of your poetry is how the parallel lines of thought and images resonate and merge. loved it! but then I love all your posts πŸ™‚


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