i know not this language that you speak

a diffident dialect

of muted mystique

a dyslexia of consonants

mΓ©lange of vowels unique

i lay my head on hollow expanses

to listen for pulse or anemic answers

lulled by your dwindling bright

surrendered; betrothed to sanguinous night

of blood pooled and clotted

lest mine flow, besotted

by shifting shadows

in morning we find us

shivered and listless

flint hidden, embers blown

masks lowered

together, alone…

37 thoughts on “Masks”

  1. My dearest Lady D, even the haunting, intriguing picture here couldn’t prepare the reader for the depth and significance of Masks. You truly are my favourite living poet… Your enchanting expressions are an escape from reality, yet at the same time, so much about real life, relationships, raw, pure truths hidden behind layers of masks…
    That last paragraph – what an end! Slayed it πŸ‘πŸ˜
    Oh your work is incomparable, unparalleled, one of its kind. Once more I’m in a “Blood Moon”-ish space, and to recuperate, would have to read your poem again. And again.
    (See how I omelette-ed, sorry omitted the eggs πŸ˜‰)

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    1. My dear devoted Isha, how can I ever begin to thank you for your wonderful comments?
      There have been times when I’ve wanted to say “desist, I am not worthy of your praise”, yet…. I think you are actually responding to the emotion I infuse, almost subconsciously into my writing. I suspect in the future when I revisit old posts I will spend more time reading comments such as yours than rereading my writing ❀
      And that's exactly the way I want it, kind soul….!

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      1. You said it ❀ The emotion, the epic words you use that leave an effect long after it’s been read… I had to read your poem out loud, I was so enraptured.
        Those last two sentences there are so touching ❀ Thank-you Diana 🌷


      2. Thank you Isha, for all the endorphin yielding kind commentary over the many months. I am SO lucky that I can keep your attention here. Readers can be fleeting and the reason is simply … talent flows like the unexpected forest streams we encounter in the deep green forests of our wanderings! Hehe…

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      3. That is so true, I couldn’t agree more. “Unexpected forest streams” – you’re poetic even in everyday conversation. I shall remain your most ardent reader and most eggregious (you knew it was coming) fan, always 🌷❀ Talent flows, but gifted people are rare, prodigies even rarer. And where else would I ever get the opportunity to read such impeccable poetry?

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      4. Now I need to sit down as I grow dizzy with your praise … going straight to my head ( and adding unforeseen volume!)
        Also my cheeks burn, a combination of humility… and laughter from our ongoing egg gags!
        No more praise, lest I begin to resemble an eggotistical type lol!!!

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    1. Thanks Ivor, Plumber Poet divine and thoughtful friend! Yes your poem is different but poetry is like art – subjective and you write so well! ❀ And what a truly chilling mask …! Eek!

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      1. The Mask was a prize I won from Slasher Monster Magazine, and I was writing a thank you note to the Artist of the Mask, and somehow my imagination took over and I sent her the poem and a thank you note. I was so happy to recieve the mask, all the way from California. It now proudly hangs on display under my courtyard Verandah xx


  2. Beautiful description of ups and downs one faces in a relationship.

    I loved how the poem traversed from ground of confusion yet a need to know the reason of why such silence and behaviour so heart breaking… and how it progressed to morrow’s hope believing it is just a phase we are going through…..

    Such melange of fine words to dictate the conundrum of persevering hearts in love!

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    1. Yes I find it tough to write about the trials of relationships, which are often based on the perils of misunderstanding or breaks in communication. It’s so crucial that souls whisper into each other’s ears, even when the one who is quiet might not yet know what to say. Patience and support and enduring love foster hope that words will break down barriers… Thank you so much, my dear…
      I always wait for your comments …. ❀️

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  3. Hi Diana! Your poem is so powerful and moving. Further, its distinct alphabetic arrangement vaguely reminds me of E.E.Cummings’ leaf as well, for some reason. I could sense a hint of shape poetry here, but I am a romantic so forgive me if I am wrong πŸ™‚

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    1. Lovely lady, I so enjoyed your comment and of course you have me immediately looking up the words of E.E Cumming! I am not at all well read when it comes to poetry in general…. I have one anthology of love poems on a shelf πŸ™‚
      PS- Lovely to welcome you here … romantics are my favourite ❀

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      1. You’re most welcome, Diana! You sound like a romantic too ❀
        Also, if you didn't arrange the alphabets intentionally that way, you really should look up concrete or shape poetry. Your poems gave me a strong vibe of that already πŸ™‚

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      2. Oh thanks Neha; I really should look up the concrete and shape variants… I’ve been arranging words so that look prettier on the page so I guess i am delving into visual shapes.
        Have a lovely weekend ❀

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