The Story

i set myself to read a manuscript

on velvet parchment of skin

delve into a dominion of dermis

revealing the unknown within

hieroglyphs reveal under candlelight

wax smeared commas thereupon take flight

and hallowed breath splatters bold exclamation marks

on the virgin pages of flesh

illuminated quotation sparks

punctuated carnal coronation

turns pages

onto wilder ruminations

from paragraphs pithy and frail

so the story we long for

shall unveil

61 thoughts on “The Story”

  1. That picture tells a story in itself, the first paragraph welcomes the reader to a secret world.
    And then the magic begins!
    In the signature Diana style, of elegance and grace, with that tinge of sharp phrases and resurrected words, the reader beholds imagery veiling the meaning within. A “Story” that doesn’t leave the reader, that stays on in the mind, and leaves the reader to ruminate even further, Bravo, my friend, this is not just poetry, this is storytelling in style.

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    1. I had to sit with your comment for some time, wondering how to respond to your overwhelming and enduring positivity.
      Thank you ♥️♥️
      It was a great day when I came upon Ishaisms. I cherish you very much dear friend. You motivate and entertain with you wit! 😊❤️

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      1. It was a great day for me too, to have someone like you for a friend – such a marvellous poetess, creator of magical verses… No one could ever write the way you do. I cherish you too my sweet friend… I’m lucky to know you in and out of WordPress! 😘❤

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    1. I’m not frequenting WP anywhere near as often either sweet Priya. The long dark winter hours have been replaced by the gorgeous spring. We rise strong and motivated…thank you for your wonderful feedback here ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Silken threads wrapped around my fingers do the stitching of your words onto my palm, overlapping the lines of heart…..

    Such a clear picture is of the manuscript you read, discovering you and yours, and in an attempt to comprehend I end up unveiling the possibilities that lie ahead….turning me into a voracious reader….

    I challenge you to beat this artistic piece of yours…I bet you will struggle… the bar set is higher…Impeccable!

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      1. …. for this piece indeed marks the first anniversary of my Armadillo blog.
        Thank you for celebrating with me!
        Your exquisite writing talent and warmth mean the world … ❤️

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      2. Hmm in the realms of science fiction one might find a nano microchip inserted behind your left ear. And electrical signals stimulating synapses into sensual thoughts. From time to time. 😎


      3. Funny thou art! 😛
        I only talk sense on one Sunday per month. I guess you may have missed it.
        Microchip in mail. And elixir to drink to decipher my accent. Hehe!

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  3. Brilliant writing, loved every line, the story must unveil but hasn’t it already in all the lines before. Loved the second stanza the most, Diana at her best!

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