Blood Moon

the Sea of Tranquility

named by an imaginative soul

yet not a sea at all

a burnished, basalt hole

sunken eye watching humanity toil

a pockmarked director of tides

conducting diurnal rhythm

as we squander, as we spoil

heavenly, cyclic conductor

my monthly crimson hymn

whispers to your balsamic phase

 a veiled face reflecting

in your lakes of saturnine solitude, of sorrow

floating weightless in Mare Fucunditatis

childless in my ferrous scented tomorrow

60 thoughts on “Blood Moon”

  1. An utterly mesmerising and sublime poem which illuminates a complex set of themes in a haunting, beautiful way. I particularly notice the sparse yet perfectly placed use of rhyme, which though not needed, due to the natural flow and rhythm, is a worthy addition as it both accents and lifts the piece even higher.
    Thank you Ms Diana.
    (It made think of the cold war military experiments on the effects of living in nuclear bunkers . One thing that happened was despite being deep underground the menstrual cycle of personnel slowly sync’d with the lunar cycle)

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    1. Sir Nigel! Such a delight to receive your words – they pack a mighty punch and are truly beyond my amateur expectations! My thanks! ❤️And that Cold War fact…wow: the force of nature is indeed just that, an undeniable force!


  2. Moonlight melded with musically menstruating messages,
    mesmerising the mind’s eye with magnanimous, multifarious images…
    “Blood Moon” is bathed in bottomless beauty, Lady D,
    bejewelled and brought to breath by your bewitching photography!

    An artist through and through… that’s what you are, Diana! Praises and compliments won’t do for this – but heartfelt gratitude may touch at the essence of what “Blood Moon” has produced in me. You are a creator… You’ve shown the tides, a poignant cry, the moonlit sky in the reader’s mind, created purely with words… veiled words, unveiled by your deft pen! Thank you for this… I’m overwhelmed. Have read something today that will stay with me forever… ❤❤❤

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    1. My fleeting rumination inspired by lunar illumination and errant menstruation …. is made all the more meaningful by your extraordinary comments, dear Isha!
      Your words are always full of a FLOURISH of well timed and exquisitely mounlded thoughts. A pleasure to behold!
      Am I even worthy says a soft, inner voice….
      Isha! You are the most prized praiser who ever set foot this side of Praise-ville! I love sharing words with you my cherished virtual pen pal extraordinaire 🌷💐💜💜💐🌷

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      1. It is because of that humble (and incorrect 😏) inner voice that you produce such masterpieces! If you keep writing this way, and treating me with your verses, I shall soon be mayor of Praiseville! 😄😇😁 You slayed this poem, laid all your soul out there…

        P.S. I love the sound that this FLOURISH has made! Hahah.. Eggstreme happiness!

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      2. Eggstending thanks to you is never enough! You make me strive for eggspressions to eggsplain my eggstreme gratitude. You eggsude wit, my treasured lady! 🌷🌷❤️


  3. Dear Diana, you take my breath away with both word and vision here! The poem and the image which accompanies it are both stunning! You also appear to have a great knowledge of the moon and what folk used think of as ‘seas’ or ‘oceans’ on the moon’s surface. Yet I do like to think Mare Tranquillitatis is just that, a sea of tranquility 🙂

    Oh, and I do like your new Gravatar! 🙂

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    1. Yes Dear Pete, let’s keep the human vision of the Seas (maria) intact! I would prefer to keep vast, dark oceans in mind …. yet they would no doubt be evaporated by the heat. I will never lose my fascination with our celestial neighbour, although my telephoto lens can’t creep any closer. Thanks for your kind attention (and Gravatar compliment- always subject to change!) 💕🌸

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  4. I’m riding the tide of poetry’s power these days and you’re a big part of that with this one. I published my latest poem hoping it would bring on my labor. It did. After losing blood I have spent the past two days building it back up with nutritious food and poem. I needed to read this today for my strength, so thank you, Diana. It is so good to be connected cosmically in such a way where one can actually support another.

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    1. Beautiful woman…how can I possibly say anything here after reading such affecting words. We are indeed connected, with word…the rhythms of the seasons and the moon drawing tides to and fro.
      I can’t even imagine the life heralding
      contractions you have experienced… there can only be awe.
      Congratulations on your new arrival; I’m so glad I’m here as you gather your ferrous strength again xox


  5. Who else but you can define the beauty of our blood moon in the hearts of the skies watching over the humanity and lost in its diurnal rhythms.
    You have beauty in your metaphor which makes your love spill in your verses.Beautifully penned, my love.

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      1. Ah! What a beautiful thing you beautiful thing you bid me do.. Domestic kitchen goddess is losing herself to music tonight …. love ballads from the 1970s 😍
        And you? Nearly calling it a night?


      2. If I told you … you would never sleep! But here’s a nice ballad to lull you into dreams “Misty Blue” Dorothy Moore 1976 ❤️


  6. This is a very deep poem Diana, and I’ll be honest: I had to read it a couple of times and read the above commenters to get what you’re saying. But I have my own interpretation of it, and I’m not sure if it gives it justice or not, but here goes: You’ve captured the impersonality that a silent sovereign shows, despite our trials, both personal and universal. We fight, strive and bleed, hoping for more, but we’re denied it though we try, by an indifferent sovereign, who watches age meet another, and remains silent. This took me to Silence by Shusaku Endo which happens to be my favorite novel. Although the beliefs might differ, I think it’s the same theme. That’s my interpretation at least.

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      1. Thank you Diana. I’m not sure about the brilliant or marvelous bit because there are times when I act like a looney tune, or a tuney loon 🙂 But you’re definitely very knowledgeable and you look 30 in that new profile picture. I’m scared to put up a recent one with my now terrible, overgrown beard and dad bod.


  7. Luna is always a favorite of mine in poetry…and here again it is as well. ❤ I'm sorry I've been late catching up on these Diana. Please forgive my tardiness and I hope you are well. ❤

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  8. 😍😍😍😍 it astonishes me, amazes me to see the depth of your versatility, your profound command on the language, the jurisdiction, authority and command you have to translate your imagination in such a brilliant way! It mesmerises me!! Hats off Lady Diana!!! 👏👏👏👏👏😍

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  9. Hello lovely lady. I have been wondering how you are doing. A wonderfully written poem, it flows so beautifully. I aspire to have such a talent. ❤

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    1. Wow Sara! This are heartfelt words and I’m coming over to give you a hug right now 🙂 No use trying to a run! I hope all is going well in LalaLand with you!

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  10. That which can be imagined is illuminated by the backdrop of the darkened night canvas that reflects from a body of water. With eyes closed and your words stampeding in my mind. I whisper beautiful to the blood tint of a moon you proposed purposefully and pointedly perpetuating prolific poetry that pronounces; The queen is here: LADY DI

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