First time

As an Australian, it is sometimes hard for me to appreciate that some may not see the ocean until they are decades into their lives. Perhaps never…
There are so many other firsts in life, and @Written Frames makes us ponder them with this great piece of writing!

Written Frames

we demand ignorance

negotiate over the ‘first time’

a dilettante at recording happenings

as the present segues to the past

in a blink, in a click

the tongue slays

burnt stubs rest in ashtray

we smolder to live the mistakes

cinders multiply and the experience stays

archetypal complexion of blue skies

always a first time

dark and clouded, it rains

first cry, first love, first ache

fails us, in itself it never fails

‘The first’ happens and plays

a buttress for ‘the second’

‘The third’ to lose or gain

steps stumble

©Written Frames, 2018

P.S. The first time moments trigger a will to live this life. This picture was taken on my first ever visit to a beach. It took me 24 years to see the mighty waves sing a lullaby of forever to this frail heart of mine. I surrendered to the beauty of it and there is no single…

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10 thoughts on “First time”

  1. Oh the beauty, the power, the nostalgia, the significance of a first moment! What a poem this is! Loved it. Start to finish. It got me thinking about all the memorable firsts in my life!
    Thanks for sharing, Diana 😇😊

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