you are the warm milk

i  cup in my hands

and raise to virgin lips

pursing to pure white

our moist milky way

dampens the night


copper sky

soporific stars



the creamy opulence of you

by flickering eventide light

fecund fingertips bestowed

with nocturnal sight

tousled, tantalizing, tumbling

into me

and beyond us …

71 thoughts on “Cream”

  1. Scintillating and sensuous! Very, very artistic, Diana 🌹💟 P.S – Will be replying to your wonderful messages soon, have read them all this morning, and shall keep the big smile they gave me, all day long! 🌹💟💜

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    1. Thank you my wonderful friend …. still humming along myself in the blissful aftermath of your Armadillo reading marathon! If you are sleep deprived I take full responsibility 💜🌹😌🌹💜 Sending hugs to make your smiles spill to all around you 😁

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      1. I have the Armadillo hangover too 😁 But my aftermath looks somewhat like this :

        She is the saviour of words lost in time,
        which she uses as balm to the wounded,
        she lives in a world of endless rhymes,
        showering them in praises genuine and abundant!

        She’s the “little armored one”,
        glowing before her poetic halo,
        spreading rays warmer than the sun,
        Sweet Diana, The Wandering Armadillo!

        Now may your smile be the sparkle for your evening and night,
        stars haven’t yet learned to shine as bright 💟😊🙌🌜

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      2. How… is this possible!
        How … 😊😊
        Oh, I’ve overcome… your rhyme, incredible and touching! Such a special moment Isha. To be the object of your sweet talent has me overwhelmed and … somehow my spirit is somersaulting across fluffy cloud tufts and hanging playfully from strands of sunshine.
        You are amazing! Beloved virtual pen pal extraordinaire. Happy hugs and abundant warmth my dear 💙💜💙💜💐💐💐

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      3. Oh no, that didn’t do justice to you at all… I need to take my time and write something that can atleast touch upon what greatness you are! But I’m glad that these verses have you somersaulting haha! Happy hugs to you too 💟💟💟 See you later, in other poems… Will meet you by the pool in an hour of bliss 😀

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      4. I hold my breath in anticipation with the mere thought of you “taking your time” as I’m already a fan of your rhyming tumbling words!!
        By the pool I shall be, wondering if the sun or an Ishaism is warming me! Till then, cheers delightful dame🍸💐💕

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  2. Sweet sensual D… My gosh… this was an utterly sweet, warm and creamy caress of lips and fingertips and more…not much poetry gives me such a deeply throbbing visceral reaction. I may have to read this again..and again…
    I feel like the passage you liked in my poem yesterday could have slipped into this warm, cupped hand of yours and fit perfectly.
    I feel I haven’t done it justice but you must know that even after I read you, your words and your sensual aura linger in my mind and more.

    “the creamy opulence of you

    by flickering eventide light

    fecund fingertips bestowed

    with nocturnal sight…”

    Gorgeous, seductive and I’m a little out of breath now so….

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    1. What …. rich, heavy cream infused words you bestow. They are like divine French cuisine here …. every gulp proof that over indulgence is the only way…. you spread before me a delicious buffet … 🌹🖤

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    1. Is it poetry day, dear Ivor!? There isn’t a crease anywhere in your visage, just mellifluous laugh lines to watch your wit and warm online persona 😘😘


  3. This is the best picture I’ve ever seen! The Moon and the star and the glow–can’t say anything anymore after having drunk nectar from your fountain. Ah, bellissimo! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Grazie dear friend, I chanced upon this view about a week ago when the bright “star” was in fact Jupiter waltzing near the crescent moon. And this is my wonderful view from the 7th floor, gasping as I gaze West. Unfortunately my camera does not have a proper setup for astronomical pics but I was very happy with the picture.
      Thank you for your great comment Anand!

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      1. This is indeed a great picture by any standards. I also observe some stars near Moon wondering if they are Venus or Jupiter–i feel it might be different for Western and Eastern hemispheres. I also found that the pic was a few weeks old as Moon is almost half now. Thanks for being yourself Diana 🙂 ❤

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  4. I see all the references to a hot cup of turmeric milk… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Full of sweetness, sensuality and alliterations!! Loved it…. Such are the pieces that leave ever lasting effect on you and continue to hum at back of your head whenever you happen to lift a creamy cup of warm milk to your lips….. and you shiver of happiness…

    ❤ ❤

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    1. Yes, the milk has the tinges of orange and blissful connotations there sprinkled. And longing…. as your lover’s smiling face appears with lips embellished with frothy goodness. What an image for the mind’s eye …

      So happy you liked it!
      ❤ ❤

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  5. Your wordcraft is so amazing here, and in particular ‘the creamy opulence of you
    by flickering eventide light’ rolls around the lobes so silkly smooth, like cream in itself. Wonderful, Diana!

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    1. So grateful for you kind man!
      I enjoyed this one quite a bit! I’ll have to visit your blog… I’ve been so distracted with te outdoors if late, with Spring beginning to light up the streets here. Are you likewise inspired?

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      1. It has been a a bit of along drawn out winter here this year (although I think the previous milder winters has spoiled me somewhat), and now the weather is picking up I am once again drawn to the outdoors with my lens. So yep, I am likewise inspired 🙂 Happy snapping yourside of the pond and much inspiration for your wonderful writings, Dear friend! 🙂

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      2. So happy to hear that your blog will be bursting with snaps imminently! Inspiration is everywhere. Whether seeking the shadowed plant on a sunny day, or the glistening flower after a rainshower! Take care Pete; talk soon! 🙂

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