so frail now

your fingertips in mine

supported gently

parchment paper skin

venous rivers slow, tepid within


as the sand slowly sifts

i squeeze

i try to halt the final grains, yet

this maudlin hourglass only drains

to somber clock tick

sentry gated soldiered seconds fall

the war is over

all is lost

that is all


a last dawn

this last day

as curtains part

your light slips away


86 thoughts on “Lachrymose”

  1. A beautiful penned poem Diana where again, your understanding of words give life and strike a sensitive, emotional chord for the reader. She may not have won the battle with cancer but she is victorious, nonetheless, as she has touched hearts too numerous to count…one of them yours’. She has become for a time your muse dancing within that hourglass of time and she now has become another angel who walks among us eternal. Take care.

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    1. Dear Renee, your comments are so comforting I cannot begin to tell you.
      Beautiful also, mentioning the angel she is. ♥️

      It’s a extraordinary yet tragic feeling to grapple with…one moment she was a vibrant part of our online community, then when she revealed she was terminal she had only a handful of weeks left. We spoke often and in full honesty.
      I welcome her as my muse for now, walking beside me in fields of melancholy.

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    1. You are beyond kind to reach out …. I am very unfamiliar with true and abrupt loss. I’ve always believed that a big effort will have a successful outcome, but death defies any futile effort.
      Thank you sweet lady. 💟💟


      1. Thanks, Diana. What hit me about your words, was that I was able to be there for my sister and cousins when they died (and many more) but not for my friend. Your description is so true to life (and death). You really have a gift.

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  2. This one is soaked in deep emotions and beautifully tells about a heart withering in a battle of emotions. You always craft sentiments which move me, the image seems to have been captured just for this verse–beautiful and haunting.

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    1. Yes dear Anand … 🌹💕
      With near frozen fingers, patiently waiting for the light to be “just so” at sunset yesterday.
      I already had part of the poem written … fading life/fading light

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  3. I don’t know whether just commenting would do justice to this… We’re all united in loss… I have seen your mastery of imagery, of taking the reader on a journey… But there’s something about this Diana… It pulls at the heartstrings. The entire scene (I say scene, because I visualized it fully) about the hourglass evoked a very personal memory in me… Your poem speaks to me… It speaks louder than so many I’ve read on losing, on coping with the unsaid goodbye… Your words are touching. Thank you! 💟😢

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    1. Isha, dear one, trust me when I do say that your comment has entirely done justice. And I thank you….💟
      I knew you would fully appreciate such writing … I can only say that it came from the deepest cave of my feelings. That place where any remaining light is feeble, and the stream that trickles is made only of human tears.
      I’m sitting beside you as you remember the personal memory you speak of. We give each other courage. 💟😘 You are special …

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  4. You have a beautiful gift my friend. How gently you make feelings flow throughout that tug the deepest …you take utmost care they don’t feel intense, so end up feeling beautiful, sad becomes peaceful. You unite all of us in feeling this reality of loss so beautifully. Much Love.

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    1. I do find myself looking forward to your comments 😌. For you place as much thought and emotion in them as I attempt to convey every time I write.
      So, there is loss…and there is gain in life. Saying goodbye, saying hello.
      So hello lovely one… hello 😌💕

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  5. Oh I know that picture 😍 it complements the words so beautifully.
    Time passes by and our lives filter through its ever flowing current. Diana this is gorgeous! The imagery is so rich. I am amazed at how much meaning you can convey in so little words. I was transported in the moment you depicted. Did you feel that grain of sand coming from the future travelling back in time, and landing on your shoulder as you wrote 😍.

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    1. How beautiful your words – I think I typed a reply written in morse code rhythm to my beating heart and sent it already … for it did not appear hear but I know you heard it 😘
      Have a wonderful day Bella 💕

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      1. My heart did receive it. Thank you, my D! Have a soothing night.
        No link whatsoever… I just baked almond cakes for my grandma… though I am at my mum’s and I am not used to the oven… they are all slightly burnt… except for one! 😅 I will give her that one.


  6. I would love to say… you would not write any piece better than this is….yet I am ready to accept the fall of my statement humbly.

    You never fail to amaze me….I feel each goose bump you must be having while writing it….Cuz I am full of it….

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  7. Your artistry is the best tribute I can think of. These posts have been lovely, and I’m sorry to have missed a writer who clearly had a profound affect on you. They say you can tell a lot about a person from the company they choose to keep and the fact that she has inspired such greatness in you says so much about her life. The slow melancholy and feeling of helplessness bring your grief to life, to the point where your subject means something to me too. It’s beautiful ❤.


    1. Goodness, you are a Knight of the Gilded Word! In you stride on your mighty horse and all I can do is stop, and stare and smile. You always find the loveliest things to say, yet ask for nothing in return. You will alert me when you begin writing, won’t you? I mean writing a blog, not these pearls of comments 🙂

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      1. I do enjoy a ride through your works every so often 😉. Thank you for your sweet words, just to know I’ve brought a smile is enough for me 😊.
        And you might want to check my blog, you might be surprised by something 😅


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