A very special lady joined our WordPress family less than a month ago…. making immediate friends with her warm words, encouragements and vivacious soul.

Soriah is now preparing her final journey from this mortal coil, and her blog “Poetry and Chocolate” has disappeared into the digital ether.
I was able to briefly re-blog one of her wonderful poems before it slipped away too.

Please wish her well….

Soriah, best wishes on the journey. Remember to dress warm … heaven is surrounded by vast tumbling, iced clouds sweetheart ….. ❤️❤️

38 thoughts on “A very special lady joined our WordPress family less than a month ago…. making immediate friends with her warm words, encouragements and vivacious soul.”

      1. I tried to find out what her illness is but could find nothing online. She appears to be such a gracious lady and will certainly be one more glorious guardian angel for the heavens. Be well.

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      2. Yes a most glorious angel!

        A previous post described Soriah’s illness as cancer Renee. Via email yesterday she told me she is at home surrounded by her two sisters. ❤️

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      3. I am glad to hear she is surrounded by sisters. Some would not have it so but to have loved ones near is at times a comfort. I will hold her in my thoughts and in my heart. As you might know death came knocking at my door in 2015 but I was fortunate that a surgeon repaired my heart so I could once again be with family. I have a very different perspective now than I once did. ♥♥♥


  1. When you write to ignite and help others in their plight or fight, your words nor your deeds will never die…Soriah spread your wings and fly.
    Love and peace from a kindred spirit.
    Diana, not only are you a poet’s friend, you are mankind’s piece of hope. Your generosity reaches beyond words.

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    1. Your words are so thoughtful; I’ve read them several times and paused intermittently. Everything you say is so kind … I reach out to you to say how grateful I am that we have connected. 🙂
      Soriah was indeed collecting some gem stones…

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  2. This is so nice of you Diana. I went to see Soriah’s blog and it wasn’t there. If she’s reading it or even if she isn’t I wish her all the very best for the journey which should be the most beautiful adventure full of love, light, warmth, angels, family and friends. We will all be there with you throughout the journey with our prayers and heart and we will meet you soon after our call here is over. Be at peace my friend. It’s never an end–only a transition and always a middle. Love and light ❤

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    1. Yes Anand, it was indeed removed today.
      Such an amazing dedication Anand. I find your words exquisitely beautiful and deeply touching. I think Soriah will know what you have said … and find it equally so. You are a special man and I am so happy you were able to post here. ❤️

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