come gather

all ye disciples of despondency

fine purveyors of hurt


come hither

and gather by my light

as it burns and inhales

your pristine pathos


i’ll collect your brittle bark, shedding

your crumbling edifice of self

so raw, so cherished

and with your sycamore soul thus exposed

sit beside you

seeking your sugared self

spile driven deep

a spigot set to seep

your syrup

oh so


90 thoughts on “Syrup”

  1. There’s a little horror in this. For me at least. That runs through quite a few of your earlier poems as well. It’s actually quite dark. I like it though.

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      1. It runs through most of your poems Diana, except the naughty ones. Either ways, I don’t judge anymore because I can tap into the dark side myself if I wished, and man, if I were to tell you about some of those intense trials. They had nothing to do with sorrow, they were torture that left me like Luther after the lightning struck if you know the Reformation story. A little crazy or very lol. And apathetic. But perhaps, once I’ve picked a few lice out!

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      1. I see a forest, I see fire and some kind of ritual… I don’t know why… Darkness, poetry, music, imagery, and those sonorous ‘s’es! Phew! It was a journey.. And I’m not sure I want to come out of the setting… I love this poem… I don’t know how you wrote it, I’ve given up trying to figure out how you do this, because when the finished product arrives, it sucks me in and I love it! This poem is like a whisper in the dark.. πŸ’­πŸŒŒ

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      2. Oh you are beyond gracious with such words!
        Yet my attention was particularly piqued when you mentioned that my poem was like β€œa whisper in the dark”. What might you say if I told you that I woke at 4 am, and lying in the dark this poem came to me? The first few lines, but then the lamp came on and the rest. I’m not even sure that both of my eyes were open. But my heart was flooded with feeling. Could your intuition perhaps have tuned into this, dear Isha ?

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      3. Oh wow… I’m sure it must have. There are hidden senses inside this poem, you unwrap it and the fragrance of sweet burning wood in the dark takes over… I don’t want to sound crazy but things like these happen to me.. Haha. I am so captivated. I’m reading poems after poems in your blog and I don’t know what to say for each, it’s like I want it all, can’t wait to read, to preserve it… You’re something else. Hats off.. What you’re doing is making eternal art in silence… Much love

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      4. I’m overcome by your words, dear lady.
        I cherish both what you tell me and the way you craft your comments. There is prose therein πŸ’Ÿ
        I almost feel like I cannot accept them though, yet, I humbly shall … and sit basking in your sunshine and genuine intent. This is a rare and beautiful thing, that what I create can somehow move you. Connecting with you is indeed special. 🌷

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      5. You don’t know what a great poet you are, an artist and a musician of words… And perhaps it’s because you don’t know that you’re so good at it… It’s just who you are, that’s your art! I’m so glad you exist.. Haha. Your poems are giving me an ethereal feeling this cold, cold afternoon… And with numb fingers I scroll through hungrily to devour each and every one!

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      6. If I could conjure a patron of my writing, I would imagine a person who connects and perhaps sends the occasional nod of approval. You are beyond all expectations … your comments are… well, they humble me so that I sit in a corner quietly all the while thinking … how could I possibly be deserving of you. 🌷β™₯️ Thank you dear one.

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      7. Now if you could humbly take my leave (even though this is your blog, πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚), I could continue reading all the others without the need to reply to you. As someone once said, ‘Have mercy!’ πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

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  2. How so full, so satisfying work of alliteration there… honey smooth it drips from my tongue as I read through it taking my own pauses so to feel the sweetness of this syrup unearthed …

    You are full of hope and ready to take all risks as you cut deep through the hard shell of defense and denial… I yield before your unwavering resolve to dig for the truth within…. truth of love and so be loved!

    beautiful poem with a splendid closure….. ❀ ❀ ❀

    I am stuck here right on this page, going in and out of your words over and over again and yet again…

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    1. How so poetic your words are, like glimmering stones on a river bed catching my morning sun. Unexpected ….to be considered with patience and wonder.
      Your writing invigorates my desire to compose.
      Thank you precious one…
      May you read me over and again…

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  3. Woowww!! You are spectacular girl.. and your vocab is mind-blowing ❀️❀️
    This poem is so nuanced. As always you are perfect in making us visualise with your skills. It is so soothing to imagine someone sitting so close that the souls can actually interact. And this sugary syrup!!! My god!! Too good!β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    1. How wonderful is this comment! Parth! ❀️❀️ I’m so grateful to have your glowing opinions lavishing my writing. I’m addicted to your kindness and enthusiasm. Have a wonderful day!!


  4. Diana, your poetry is amazing! Such depth in every word!

    I recently started blogging regarding my battle against chronic Lyme disease. I’d love it if you could visit my blog and view my posts! Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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      1. haha I’m so glad!
        Life is sweeter just because we had a spectacular temperature drop. It literally almost got up to 50 degrees the other day, and now it is in the low 20s. Literally overnight. Suddenly we all had energy again…
        What about there? Still raining?

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      2. That is thermometer insanity! I can’t imagine what it does to the ecosystem, rivers and land. I remember low 40s being unbearable in Adelaide.
        If you disappear I will know you breathed your last in God’s toaster oven!

        We are still quite soggy here, but the good news is I spotted some buds on a shrub yesterday. I’m sure the dormant plants are rejoicing with all the moisture imbued soil!

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      3. Diana, a friend nominated me for the Liebster award, and I don’t normally get involved with them, but she mixed up the questions and I had fun answering them. Anyway, long story short, I nominated you if you are interested. The questions are on my blog, you are welcome to pick and choose, and if you are not so inclined and/or don’t have time, it is perfectly fine. xo


  5. The language here is so gorgeous. Love this, Diana.

    I apologize but, for some reason I don’t see posts from your blog in my WP reader. Only when I go looking directly at your page do I find the ones I missed. Sorry for being tardy.

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    1. Thank you so much!
      Forget me not, kind Sir ❀
      But the same thing happens to me, so every so often (mostly during the weekend hours) I see you out – and am always rewarded with your talents!


  6. A perfect rallying call to those who are hurting. And I love the selfishness in your selflessness. You help, and in turn get a taste of a sweet, sweet soul. Haha, nope, I can’t say that without making you sound like some kind of dementor πŸ˜…. But maybe that’s all we really are, mythical creatures hungry for who lies inside another person πŸ™‚


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