we cling to the underside of the earth

in shadows, eternally fixed

as the world turns

one final time


the stifled prophets were right

and I grasp your fingers

to enter the longest night


the moon has been cast off

tumbled to a galaxy unknown

Tsukuyomi at last free to dance

unshackled from his lunar throne


the glass sea a stagnant pool

settling with miasmic cool

ripples that once were

shall frothy detritus incur


we cling to the underside of the world

pupils permanently dilate

ice crystals kissing


pallid, primal


91 thoughts on “Primordial”

  1. Our pallid, primal state. We end where we start. The love, is there beyond time. Two lovers beyond the existence of time. It have so many feels love. And
    I fell in love with your words yet again like every time.

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  2. With your poetry I am constantly learning 😊. I absolutely love this combination where astronomy is placed in a poetry. Love exists outside of time. Love was before us and will continue to be without us ❤.

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  3. O Diana! How, oh how, do you do it? Is this mere poetry? I don’t think so; a mere work of art? Nah… Something ethereal, breathtaking, not containable in any category… Probably. And much, much more. I can’t stop reading it… So I end this here, to do it again! 🌌🌌🌌💟💟💟

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    1. O kind Isha!
      After I post I await your comments, wondering if I have indeed done enough to welcome your attentions. You are a reader of depth and contemplation, and I find myself wanting to spark a fire 🔥 of thought and feeling ❤️ in you.
      So, how thrilled am I to discover your glowing sentiments?
      Is the sea filled with whale song and shimmering grasses? Oh yes …. 😊💕💕

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      1. Oh my! I don’t deserve such praise Diana! Every work from you grabs my attention, in the most captivating way possible! And this piece had me at the first line… And after that it just took me to a whole new magnificent place! Your poems are just… (I don’t think the word has been coined yet) Diana-might! 💟😁👭💕💕


      2. Oh, how I laughed out loud right now!! Not from hilarity as much as much as your sheer bright, brilliance. I’ve never heard of this word so must dub it an Ishaism of the highest order. In the same breath dubbing you a one in a million! Your mind is a divine gem and it dazzles me …..


      3. And now I know that any praise showered upon Diana, will be showered right back upon the sender with sparkles to boot! 🌌😊 Well there is no word that can describe what you do… True to the form, no other writes the way you do… Your mind is a place of levels and layers where I don’t think even you know what treasures remain hidden. .💐💎


      4. You layer me with the kindest of words!
        And you know something… I believe you are right. I really don’t know the places of my mind; I am often surprised and even shocked when the words tumble. Like I’m speaking from a voice from another self. It happened earlier this evening … a sentence while I was washing my hands. I had to rush to write it down. Then two stanzas complete. Does this happen to you, my sweet word sister divine…🌷💕

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      5. It happened just yesterday… Exactly as you. I had typed a line a month ago and forgotten about it.. I just happened to look at it yesterday and bam! 2 stanzas exactly. Hahah. Divine timing, divine connection.. 📝🌌💟😊

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      6. Hahaha 😂 I did. I normally don’t post that early but I just felt it was the day… Made a doodle hurriedly for the poem that was calling out to me for its day out, and so I posted it…

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    1. And I’m so pleased to be grabbing your hand for the cha cha cha as the end of the night approaches!
      Even after the dance…your words will remain here into other days….I thank you always for your heartfelt comments dear S ♥️♥️

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  4. “the moon has been cast off

    tumbled to a galaxy unknown”

    Amazing imagery there….. I am wandered off into the dreams along with the moon, in nowhere land I exist only to be revived by another silver bullet of such rhymes….

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    1. As I wrote this, I felt the extraordinary calamity of the moon being catapulted from it’s orbit. It took my breath away in the wonder and fear of what it ….

      I loved your compliment, it means so much to me and is written with an exquisiteness that makes the author load only silver bullets in her literary attempts.

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      1. And I would be happily exposed to such attacks with silver bullets… Floral wounds it will be captivating all of them lovers of music…. You are a song….<3 ❤ ❤

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  5. Tsukuyomi is your kind gift to me goddess; one eve of blue Moon as I witness Orion and Ursa Major in the sky lit up with stars witnessing primal dance. I take a bow and disappear gradually from the scene. 🙂

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    1. Precious lady V, this is the curse of WP that afflicts us. Sometimes I presume someone is silent, busy with life … then wander over to their blog to discover…boom, three posts! Ich! No greater aggravation! Love seeing you comment ❤

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