The Bookmark

i am a tattered bookmark

nestling between feathered pages

the best time of your day you say

with coveted book, to read in stages


but alone in the light of day

to leave this worded catacomb

i’ll edge away from threaded spine

seeking freedom from paper home


so many of your transient reads

have evoked smiles…private tears

i’ve watched them come and go

i the constant,through the years


but these pages are not my friends

they constrict with musty damp

so rest me on your bed time lap

there us both, by oiled lamp

55 thoughts on “The Bookmark”

  1. Woowww 😍😍😍!!!! Such vivid imagination!!! This is ingenious work !! You are genius, I must say!! How beautifully you have woven it with your words and splendid imagination!!
    Now I will view my bookmarks like this! Need to be careful the next time I read books that are tucked with bookmarks🙈

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  2. Very clever Ms Diana, a complex yet utterly beautiful piece, personal yet like all great art open to interpretation. For me a close friendship that for one half is unrequited love, frustrating ! Does one give in to desire and risk all or play safe and bank what is already safe ?

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    1. Thanks dear Nigel for the words that always elicit a smile, and boost my ego ever so slightly. Yes this one hints at the elements you propose … a loyal friendship that might be more .. knowing that the friend remains but the lovers will come and go. Somthing along those lines. Get it, lines ? hehe..

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      1. Great, this piece just fired the ‘idea machine’ as I read it, I’ll rid myself of an upper respiratory tract infection (it’s not working out, we both want different things) and get to !

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      2. Well I was going to suggest a counsellor, but you are right … you are better off without your annoying guest hehe. Get well, stay hydrated (water not beer!) and I really look forward to the end product of your idea machine 🙂

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  3. It was a very interesting read. I am always looking forward to your posts. Your blog is a whirlwind of fresh air to say the least hehe 😊 Keep it up !

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  4. There us both by the oiled lamp.
    Diana, your magic make this world cease to exist and I am in a whole new world where I am in amidst of your magical realm.
    This is deeper on the feels. It is as amazing as you are.
    Love it. Love you. ❤️

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    1. Priya, sweet Priya!
      You always have words of admiration and affection – how grateful I am for you and your kindness toward me and my writing….
      Love you back big time 🌸💜🌸💜

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    1. What wonderful words Isha! When this little poem came to my thoughts it left such a sweet residue … I’m so pleased it resonated with you.
      Hope your Saturday is smiles and more… 😊💕


  5. What a stunning use of personification!… It makes me open the book I am reading and check if the bookmark is doing well! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    “I the constant, through the years ” – such a thought, such a perfection in few words. This line completely took me over.

    Here is something for you to read, how I personified a bulb. Isn’t it funny how we try to breathe in a life into the things so lifeless so to claim it ours, we humans badly need to have an experience of attachment for us to survive….

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    1. So true and eloquently spoken my sweet ! Attachment brings comfort, and breathing life into inanimate surroundings is true mindfulness. My bookmark and your lightbulb brought us to the here and now of moments.
      I read your piece and was, of course, most moved by it.
      I love how you conquer words to do your bidding…my attention grasped from the first lines “I am a bulb flickering in my forgotten state”.
      How strange… I found myself feeling sympathy for his flickering, his fragile filament’s last burn.

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