On high

you elevate me

transecting cloud tufts

ice crystals with jagged tips

brush skin, so unaccustomed

to this maiden flight

with fistfuls of feathers

i grip your Icarus wings

my essence you bare

a blinding

penumbral flare

let us climb higher to taunt

the feeble winter sun

solar warmth shall fuse,

into one

our waxen hearts



30 thoughts on “On high”

  1. This lifted my spirits. Put a smile on my face and made my heart tingle a little bit. I think this one might be my new favorite. To be honest though I love them all. I feel like I shouldn’t pick one over the other and then I know you’re going to write more amazing pieces so then I’ll have to keep saying this is my new favorite. hahaha But I really like this one. 😀 You’re writing has always struck a nerve with me.

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    1. Still blows my mind how different our writing styles are … yet how we meet somewhere in the middle. The middle is a great place, where the idealist sits and offers you wine …as you sit in the bathtub … wondering how you missed a spot on the tile after your last frantic bleaching. There is a monkey in the corner telling you I’m boring but I’m so glad you ignore him. Glad I gave you a tingle – it’s about time I reciprocate 😉😊


    1. I have a thing for hard maple syrup candy … but it’s probably a Canadian thing! How about some creamy white chocolate lil avo … though you are probably rich enough in flavour 😊 Thanks got your great comment 💕

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      1. So, I need to get an emotional heater to boil stuff. Got it. 😜
        Well, they are pretty incredible. So, there’s that.

        Why, thank you. 😊 I hope yo get some boiling done as well. 😁

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