the creation

of this asphyxiation

relies upon the air shared

when lips are locked

inhaling exhalations

to hypoxic innervations


the stars you’ll see

blame solely on me

and my insatiable

oxygen depleting desire


after you whisper

sommergimi di carezze fino a farmi affogare*

I make the stars dance through celestial sparks

crowding our heaven

as we fall


through the crack of time

one single breath, divine!




*smother me with caresses until I suffocate

The Call

when the dusk daisies draw droplet dew

a breathless whisper

shall come to you

a gust of wind

carries the scented call

an enticing murmur

of forbidden enthral


settle your eyes

afire to the West

as I to the East

send your ravenous sunset

to fulfill my morning feast

let not the ocean whole

cool this languid burning

a bridge for souls now made

shall attend our silent yearning …

The Diary


I did walk a mile in your shoes

borrowed as you slept

your soles

mine to peruse

finding a hole

in my argument

and blistered egos

like the chafed, constricted toes

of this awkwardly penned prose



I did lay open your words

splaying book spine


a page at a time

hearing what you said

not what you meant

now only to lament

the denied comprehension

that invites a heart’s dissention

clutching the diary

 you left behind


tonight a final masterpiece

for you paint the sky with a divine touch

brushing watercoloured wisps

with fine sable tip

letting reflections fall

and wavelet mirrors enthrall


your fleeting exhalations roll  clouds

toward my horizon

yet I slip further away as the the world turns

momentarily grasping the sun

in my palm

oh, how it burns


then return to the place

where the sky kisses the earth’s jagged edge

my love dwelling in granite chasms

and shadowed crevice

for invertebrates

of a nameless kind


The fragility of love

A web strand weighed by dew

a breeze whisper shall break

for cowering spider to renew

Later softened by sun glow

and sagging insect shell

to the frail strands, tenuously twisted

another calamity befell

twice broken

twice repaired

now no more

And with this, my 100th post… I thank you all for your warmth and ongoing support ❤️