Woodsmoke (… a share…)

the woodsmoke of your soul seeps deep into my skin it follows my every move i turn away within there — again it lingers pungent puncture of cold pine air, of vacant love toasted with scent of heart of combustive heat that burns i walk faster until my breath runs to forget is a fool’s […]

via Woodsmoke — Poet Girl Em


Rarely, words coincide with feelings of the moment. I can barely speak about this poem, it’s staggering beauty speaks for itself…

With thanks to Emily C  xo

11 thoughts on “Woodsmoke (… a share…)”

      1. It would definitely make it to my dream fifty collection! My favourite poems since coming to WP. I have only a handful so far 😊
        Ok, shall lay off the compliments for one night 😉

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      2. Oh I’m only just getting started on you, but know about the vertigo issues so will retreat into the shadows of admiration quietly….not wanting to make your head spin even more…for now! 😌

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      3. I take all positivity where I can get it! And I do regret the vertigo flares stealing my writing and reading frequency…wish I could catch up soon. Frustrating how the things I love that are therapeutic and relaxing are things I have to measure cautiously. Sigh. I’m determined, though.

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      4. I can’t imagine what that must be like: to have to ration the time for composition and even gentle reading. Especially during the bleak damp of a Pacific NW November. Sending warm thoughts to amplify your stoic determination E! I know it’s taking forever, but hang in there. We will happily sit with you, your friends out here.

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