My life as a play

i have lost my taste for the everyday

a maudlin, empty theatre play

scenes dehydrate…

the set walls slide away


dramatic briskness falls bland

exit directed by a lone stage hand

doors bolted


seeking solace instead

i seek a grander outdoor stage

my soul bindle wrapped tight

grasping firmly, this new page

so captivating a script


in which

I wander along barren sands

an enlightened journey to me

as ocean laps, rubbing stones to shine

a hand reaches ever gently for mine

and we walk

untethered to place

and time

us two, centre stage

under warm spotlight shine

50 thoughts on “My life as a play”

    1. Well thank you, kind Sir! It was odd, the original core of the piece had nothing to do with the stage. But then one thought creeped in and boom! Changed the whole flavour.


  1. Reminds of Shakespeare’s work I have studied in my school days –

    “All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances,
    And one man in his time plays many parts”

    And now I believe we do not just to have to play many parts, we need to be present at many places also, real or virtual. Poetry is one such conduit to fail concepts of physics.

    We do exist, enacting on a stage which dangles somewhere amidst our make-believes and sub consciousness.

    Well Written dearest D ❀

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    1. This is a thought provoking reply!

      In poetry, and through technology we do have the opportunity to defy physics. Our souls are buoyant on looser strings as we gather glimpses of our true selves.
      Beautiful to think of this sweet S ❀️

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    2. a real stage and a virtual stage. Real life and acting on one side, the imagination and wordpress on the other. An endless exchange of ideas and energies is wordpress. An ideal home for poetry and art in general. So the creative person basically has two stages. The physical existence, the human being with his family, his friends, his love, his work and the virtual existence for the art. Should not be mixed up!

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  2. Amazing poetry, once again πŸ™‚. I love the idea that each stage in our lives is a separate play, that we, the actors, move and grow to fit the new part thrust on us. Each moment is a different story, full of ups and downs and all we can do is continue to act, fully commit and be passionate about everything we do.
    Your writing always gives me the opportunity to get lost deep in my own thoughts, thanks for providing that again today 😁.

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    1. How I find myself looking looking forward to your musings whenever they arrive. Like a ray of sunshine flooding a veranda after a rain storm. 😌
      You fill me with contentment and I so appreciate your kind thoughts 😊

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  3. The love and enjoyment you felt while conjuring this piece transpire through your words and once again I am there walking with you, breathing in fresh ocean air, loaded with iodine. A lovely journey from emptiness to happiness. ❀

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    1. I was indeed waiting for you to show up … I knew my dear friend was not too far away πŸ’• Perhaps perfecting impeccable culinary delights? As you can see, I am still at my old sappy best, riding the rolling waves of past memory and future hope.

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      1. I will always be close! Don’t hesitate to send me a text when you post a new piece, as I don’t have time to browse through my reader regularly. I can make time for your poetry on the train or when I get home if I know there is a new piece, it will be my delight 😍 I celebrate your “old sappy best” you are an inspiration 😘

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      2. You are so dear to me!
        Your words are a gentle fountain where my writing…a spring bird, comes to bathe and preen. I’m ever invigorated by your support. πŸ’• Thank-you my wonderful friend!

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