chill me

with ice-tipped fingers

tracing, teasing

tempering …heat from within

and every unspoken whim



warm me

with an urgency pressed

between dawn’s fleeting pages

petals reveal

in quivering stages


burn me

with passionate phrase

acid etched, irrevocably spoken

in fired whispers

an indelible tattoo, a token

to recall at a late hour


with half smile

and full knowing

40 thoughts on “Blossoming”

  1. The poet describing the stages in that most intimate of embraces, wonderful, erotic yet pure, veiled just enough create a yearning for understanding. The simple denouement, which you Diana excel in, gives a suggestion of one person being dominant, ‘a half smile, full knowing’ as in they know what they can do.
    Great write.

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    1. Dear Nigel, you excel in the gentle unravelling of my words. You are ever there, the gentle breeze that exposes my sometimes veiled intentions. Thank you for your sublime speak kind Sir!

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    1. Dear Priya,always supportive! The words were found swirling in my heart like the petals in the photograph (Japanese blossoms, preserved in salt). Adding warm water caused the petals to swell and expand. Like a heart enveloping love again. Thank you ❀ ❀

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    1. I’m so happy you drank freely from my word swirling, creative cup D! πŸ’– Harmony is indeed when the reader feels exactly what the writer intended. In other words D+D = 😊


    1. Thanks so much Renee! The picture was snapped on my cell phone at work. A colleague had brought back some salt preserved spring blossoms from Japan; I watched them burst to life in water 😌

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    1. Wow! Now this is fabulous … may have to pin it to my desktop 😊🌷🌷 Thanks ever so much.
      I think, we may be on the same wavelength of writing, feeling and empathy. Avocado and Armadillo!


      1. I really like your work! There is petal softness and elegance in it, and hidden thorns here and there to give it sharpness and an edge that’s not blatant. I also get the feeling that you really enjoy writing your work, and that each of your poems is precious to you. It’s a great feeling for me, as a reader, to get from you.

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      2. This is staggeringly positive feedback; I’m humbled… I really am. You read me well; I so enjoy writing!! I feel like I’m speaking with a subconscious voice and every poem is indeed a snapshot, a capture of something personal and precious.
        Thankyou kind lady – how I enjoy your comments πŸ™‚

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