The Map of Us

wake up

wake up…..

feel the whisper in your ear

hear the fingertips, creeping near

see my heartbeat, softly sear

taste my glances, as they peer

beyond, and through

to the essence

that is you


before we stood

we crawled

we lay

ever our hearts


till this day

37 thoughts on “The Map of Us”

  1. Now here’s something special, a hint of fate/destiny in the ‘before stood crawl, walk…..’ lines plus the central map motif, reinforced by the repetitive rhyme sequence in the first verse. Or you could read the first verse as the early ‘yearning’ time of a new relationship followed by the calmer, reflective. Either way it’s short sharp denouement at the end is brilliant. I love this piece Diana.

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    1. Reading this as I’m on my yoga mat doing some gentle contortions. Now I’m smiling large at the same time. Co-ordination needed haha! Thank you and good morning sleepy eyes 😌

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    1. That you respond in such a way; that you feel every word is a true testament to your empathic soul. Such sweetness I never have known dear Priya! ❀ forever (and beyond that too!)

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      1. With such strong and loving words I shall momentarily acquiesce and allow you a victory. But only for a moment, because soon I shall convince YOU that your are pure honey ❀

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      2. I give up because you are as sweet as the honey bee and as lovely as the morning sunshine and as beautiful as the rainbow and your words are precious words like from the angel. ❀️❀️❀️

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      3. Well, there it is… it happened. I think I’m truly speechless. How lovely to say so much …so special dear P! I need to find a little box to keep you in, and carry you about like the fine gemstone of a soul you are! ❀ ❀

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