Nature’s Gift

I’m drawn to take in your scent

amidst serene morning glow


with subtle stamen sway

the petulant petals portray

a memory of springtime last

anointed with sheen of golden dust

gathered by fingertips a tremble

nature’s giftΒ 



39 thoughts on “Nature’s Gift”

    1. So wonderful to get this kind feedback from you Nitin! I find that nature draws happiness from me no matter the season; I was pleased to be able to blow a little puff of that dust in your direction 😌

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      1. Yes sweeter than sweet one! And it feels great spreading warmth across the world and timezones like this. If only all of humanity could follow with such kindness and respect! 😍

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    1. Arbie, I just have to see your name and I start grinning. Even if you said nothing and just sat there looking! So happy though. I do not think I’ve been called β€œbrilliant” in memory so I might have to take a screen shot. Haha!


    1. Wow Pete! I honestly believe this is a most splendid comment; I’m a bit overcome and joyful at the same time. The image helps me recall the moment of the capture: I was on a drizzly neighbourhood walk when I noticed the flowers bathing in a strip of unexpected sunshine. It was so beautiful I had to write a poem for it!

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