for a time

i was your wine


at first young and fresh

and abundantly available

you wanted a dozen 

of this quirky Lambrusco

and I was delivered to your door 


but I wasn’t to your taste

you swilled me in your mouth

spun to glass rim

with subtle berry aroma 


and I 

stained your carpet




bottles forgotten in attic dark

a seal cracked

from sentimental midnight lark

and in this first shadowed sip

a heavenly balsamic lust did spark


and lingering


51 thoughts on “Aftertaste”

  1. You’ve taken a obvious analogy and turned it into a poem that is compelling and clever. This piece has a completely different feel to your usual style Diana, more simple and accessible though no less accomplished or enjoyable, just different. And that is a good thing . Hugely enjoyable read, with a bouquet of humour and not forgetting ‘lust in the loft’ ! (still when lust strikes it doesn’t take into account one’s location)

    Liked by 1 person

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