disturb me not when I write

for I seek answers in the night time sky

between wisped clouds

that pass,

by and by


as moonlit parchment draws my quill

poised in shadow

trembling still

a cursive trail of sanguineous ink

tell me true

what dost though think

of these tortured, bloodied late hour pages ?

recounting anguish

on sordid stages



Image courtesy of M.Korlaet, my beloved sister. State of the art Cinematic rendering technique from a low energy CT Scan. Breathtaking.

51 thoughts on “Tortured”

  1. I think they’re beautiful Diana. Sorrow is a muse that refines poetry. It can sometimes be debilitating, but I think we’ll agree that it helps produce great art.

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  2. This is so beautiful D. I was transported by your words. You captured the state of writing so truthfully. I was sent back to my own feverish writing nights. There is not a word out of place and they flow and fall like pieces of a puzzle on the page. Just gorgeous! I tremendously enjoyed reading it!

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      1. I fully believe I channeled this from my past life – I have this vague sense that my fingers were tinged with ink then 🙂 Unless I was a fisherman dealing with squid ink haha!

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    1. Oh, thank you!! And I tremendously enjoy your words, music and friendship Dear B.
      Actually, that’s an understatement of my adulation…but here is not the place to go all fan girl 😉 Or maybe it is haha xx

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    1. I’m so lucky to be related to her! She is a darling, full of love and spunky personality. Sadly we live on either sides of the Pacific Ocean, but she is never far from my thoughts. I hope you are blessed with beloveds nearby?

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    1. Kind Sir! I am so happy to see a flourish of Nigel comments arrive. I’ve indeed missed you and will just have to sneak a peek at your blog in short order (read this week). Work unfortunately has been getting in the way of such gratifying forays 🙂

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  3. Where do you find the words to write so magically? You never cease to be a source of inspiration for me. This is wonderful and I will make sure not to disturb you when you write 😊. Lots of love, dear soul! 🌈

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  4. This is lovely, again. I love it, again 😄.
    The love for writing, recounted anguish and all, is plain to see. I find that writing your thoughts, removing them from your head, transforming them to words and placing them on (virtual) paper can help settle the mind, and I feel you might believe the same. There is something therapeutic that makes the torture feel right, and your words here, at least for me, capture that feeling perfectly. Amazing work again 🙂. How do you keep doing that 😄?

    By the way, my compliments to your sister for the render. What a wonderful choice of subject 😊.


    1. I will indeed pass your compliments onto my sister; she will be so pleasantly surprised!

      You are of course, entirely correct about the way one can settle their mind or relieve pent up emotion through writing. Furthermore, I feel like my endorphin levels rise a little when I hit the publish button – and it has nothing to do with the chocolate I may be nibbling at the time. Speaking of chocolate, I want to thank you once again for writing – for your words leave a lingering sweet taste in my mouth 🙂

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  5. I could picture those nights when I wrote for hours on end, not caring about anything else, just the words and me in silence… Creation would tolerate no chaos… This poem captures that essence as best as possible! The image is mind boggling!


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