In Dreams 

Haunted am I
by your face in dreams

where lips move but I cannot hear sound 

and even if utterances profound 

my heart would mute the words 

to a faint melodic hum

a staccato stutter 
So you hold up cards

glyphic serif font 


but my heart shields my eyes

her strong hands I cannot prise

only cracks of daylight



fading goodbyes 

34 thoughts on “In Dreams ”

    1. Yes sweetest of hearts, I know you always feel my words deeply. These painful moments remind us to cherish the multitude of joys in life, in every day. To acknowledge the disappointments make us revel in even the fleeting moments of beauty that surrounds us.
      I cherish you always!❤️

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    1. Why thankyou Pete! It’s true, even when everywhere you look is already dark. Then,the narrowest sliver of golden dancing on these two flowers and it really did stop me in my tracks. 🙂

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  1. Beautiful and sad at the same time. I am struggling to get over a long friendship that has ended this year. It is so hard and the heart struggles to let go. I wish I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to her 😢.

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    1. I’m moved to read this from you D: there is such enduring sorrow in such final goodbyes. Maybe someday you can move beyond whatever happened? When the raw emotions settle you might be able to find a way … xx


  2. I love how you say she holds up signs and even tell us what font. Those dreams are the most frustrating for me. Not understanding something I really want to gets right under my skin. Great poem. Makes me think. You truly are an artist. You have a Creative genius on your hands.

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    1. Your comment is very special. I’m truly touched by you compliments.

      And what you say is engaging also. Adding the font was a little quirk, a little twist to my usually rather formulaic pieces. I’m glad you appreciate it …. throwing in the odd surprise, even day to day life, adds flavour. I hope you are having a day like no other! 😌


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