The Frail Seasons


but you are exquisite!



are the rich sweet of jasmine flowers

scenting my spring morning

the unrestrained warmth

infusing a parched midsummer noon

the faded golden of autumnal dusk

reflected in

soft gasp swoon




your heart belongs to winter

and to her

you shall be wed

with shards of iced desire

adorning your nuptial bed


65 thoughts on “The Frail Seasons”

    1. Very sweet of you! I read your post with interest and enjoyed your answers to the award questions very much. You are less of a mystery and I hope you choose to write more 😌

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    1. Thank you for spending some time contemplating my words. I do exhaust the topic of love and relationships in my poems but the subject matter seems to provide infinite fodder. Always a pleasure to hear from you!

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      1. You are most welcome. I agree, there are endless ways to write about love and relationships and you do it so well. It is my pleasure to read your work.

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  1. The seasons, their beauty, and the relationships changing colours like seasons. That is just amazing Diana. Beautiful. Like the beauty of spring, like flowers bloom your words bloom and blossom, and make your readers smile.

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    1. Such a beautiful comment to read Priya! You always take the time to put some extra thought into your words – and I feel them! Such devotion and support are very precious. You are the sweetest type of soul imaginable, wrapped in the softest velvet … and a gift. ❀️

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  2. A delightful use of jasmine,a parched midsummer noon and the faded golden of autumnal dusk to conjure images of frailty in the first part which then contrasts with harsh hard ice shards, thus we see clearly love (jasmine) pitted against lust/desire which often not overshadows frail scented petal with it’s soulless needs.

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    1. Isn’t it wonderful that every reader may glean a slightly different impression. Like how we feel when we listen to music or admire art. Thanks Nancy πŸ’–


    1. How lovely you are to write such a thing. πŸ™‚
      I’m very fond of the Maya Angelou quote you have on your blog and also look forward to reading you Nistha!


  3. This is amazing writing. I can’t stop reading it, the music in your words has me so entranced πŸ˜ƒ. The emphasis on “you” and the softness of the sounds in the first, with the abrupt turn through “yet” and the harshness of the winter. Your use of sound is so like a piece of music, telling a story in its own language.
    I could talk for an age about the beautiful imagery you’ve conjured with the seasons, but I feel like you’ve already been told by so many readers how much they loved it. And, frankly, I’d rather just go back and read it again πŸ˜….
    I also love the picture you’ve chosen, it suits it perfectly. It’s cold, harsh and just that bit unpleasant, yet still has its own beauty to it. I can imagine the place in any other season alive with smells, noise and colour.

    Now, as long as I can break your spell, I have a lot of reading of yours to catch up on. I let myself get too busy these last few weeks πŸ˜…

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    1. I’m borderline speechless after reading your truly incredible comment IDW! That you should read me alone and hit “like” would already be something, but this… this…! πŸ™‚
      These are words that I’ll truly treasure. Expressed with an eloquence that overwhelms me, and affirms my enjoyment in random composing. I’ve posted 100 times since May, and even if yours was the only comment I ever received – my time would have been worth it! Thanks for sharing your overwhelming kindness with me x

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      1. You are very welcome 😊. That I could have this effect, that you would know how much your art is appreciated and valued is all I could ever ask 😊.
        Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make somebody smile (it’s your work, I have to keep the focus on you πŸ˜‰).

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      2. You are a rare and exceedingly kind. If I had the power I would clone you immediately! Something tells me this is not just your online persona; that you are a “real world” gem that glows bright with both friends and family. They are lucky to have you (as am I, right here). Thank you!

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      3. 😊 Stop that, you’re making me blush πŸ˜„.

        Thank you so, so much for the compliments, although it may be a bit of a bit of a persona, in so far as I have time to write without tripping over my own words (I think my brain likes to test my mouth by throwing all its thoughts at it and leaving my vocal chords to sort them out πŸ˜†). Writing allows me to express myself in the way I actually want to πŸ™‚.
        There you go again, taking the focus off your amazing work on your own website πŸ˜†.

        PS. You’re closer than you think with that whole cloning thing. A twin brother is basically a clone, right 😜.


  4. I read this in the wee hours of morning, eyes half open, and storm brewing outside… It stayed with me till I fell asleep again and woke up later.. Lady D, I still say that there exists no one with the knack for taking something simple and turning it into something spectacular… You are a true artist, reflecting reality in sweet picturesque rhymes… I am in awe of your skill with each passing day! Thank-you for this ❀❀❀

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    1. Yes I noticed you had liked this post during your night and was concerned that you were in arm to arm combat with a monstrous insomnia!

      Now to address your comments here, oh … my! How you make me feel is remarkable really … very valued. You grow more special to me every passing day. I cherish your praise as I feel it to be so genuine.
      Thank you so very much!

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      1. Well your poem commands a time of its own, serene, undisturbed ❀😊
        I need to read ’em all at such times, to get a little more of Lady D’s wonderful art!

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      2. You are inspirational really, you make me want to write more! Your praise is my creative oxygen…. breathing you in deep! πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸ˜Œ

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      3. Yes, I surprise myself with such an unexpected phrase so late in the evening! You bring out the best in me. May you have an enchanted day wherever your travels (mind or body) take you! 😌😘❀️

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