I awaken early to marvel at the dawn

but I hesitate by the window

will there be a fusion of exquisite hues

much like your chameleon eyes

crack’d crimson red nestling the hill


permeating valleys

heralding a “sailor’s warning”


and there before me

your bloodshot morning gaze

a mélange of tousled locks


stale alcohol

a glass on the marble top night stand reminds me


and the beautiful dawn

becomes a figment of the mind

the raven call now forlorn

from joy left behind


for there is only tumbling cloud

when the curtains part

the sky drained of all colour

and my heart drained of all purpose

38 thoughts on “Stale”

  1. “and my heart drained of all purpose”
    Simply amazing. The words evoke a pain, feeling of a longing. Feeling of lost.
    Your words always do that to me, making me loose in like flowing water.

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  2. There’s always another dawn, and many are special, just keep opening those curtains. x
    Funny, our red sky warning is for shepherds, bit odd for a land surrounded by sea ! May be it’s because the shepherds bought JC a prezzie, creeps !

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      1. Yes I didn’t see any herding during the day on Downton Abbey. I guess they prefer the double time wages of nightfall, those professional, unionized shepherds. Hang on, what has happened to my serious poetry comment thread 😉

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      1. Don’t be sorry. I like the impact. 🙂
        And thank you for the kind words. I just changed jobs and haven’t had the mindset to do any writing just yet. Back to you…fantastic post!


    1. Thank you, dear Isha. I read this again, through your eyes and open heart and imagine what you might be feeling as you ponder the rhyme. The time you spend reading and commenting is a gift to me, and I am overcome….your feedback is most precious ❤

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