and if you should fall suddenly

into the vast cerulean blue

remember first to grab my hand

and i shall follow you


for the sky is vast this day

and impeccably alluring

my dearest one, let’s swim again

a firmament float enduring


and as the air grows thin

lips shall meet

and breathe me in

from giddy thought

to last embrace

consciousness slipping

you’ll see my face


Photo: Wreck Beach, September 30th, 2017. Watching seals.

23 thoughts on “Fainting”

  1. Another difficult subject but which holds no fear to the poet. a lover’s pact, eternal souls, unto death and beyond. Beautiful piece Diana, you once likened the life of a poet as a journey, you seem to have found out that the difficult paths are often more scenic and rewarding to travel on.

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  2. There was a story called The Silver Lining which I had studied in school. A line always stayed with me, written in description of a voice… ‘Like water bubbling from a silver jar’. That’s how your poetry is to me Lady D ❤💙😘


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